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The Busiest Intersection in Langley Webcam - OU0835

 Smile for another LANMonkey OCNA webcam cache!

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N 49° 06.790' W 122° 40.110' (WGS84)

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 Location: Canada
 Cache Type: Webcam
 Size: No container
 Status: Ready for Search
 Date Hidden: 04 June 2015
 Date Created: 04 June 2015
 Last Modified: 05 June 2015
 Waypoint: OU0835


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Big Rig Friendly Wheelchair Access Listed on OCNA Only 

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If you can carefully get yourself to this busy area, you can claim another OCNA smiley!

It's a webcam cache, so you'll need to capture a photo of you and/or your caching team at GZ waving for the webcam and post it with your found it log. How fun is that, right? Tongue out

The webcam image is accessable from this link.


Best & safest access for this webcam cache is to park in the strip mall close to the Cactus Club Cafe, and walk to the sidewalk. PLEASE stay off 200th street! You can easily be in the photo by standing on the sidewalk, or the grass beside the Cactus Club Cafe. Use the red fireplug as a reference point.


Here's an image to give you an idea of where to stand to get a great webcam log pic.


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3 20 February 2017 North of 49 Comment

We were out this way...went to the corner...and stood there for a while, but all the traffic cam displayed was "Transmission delayed".  Looking at it later I am getting good displays from nearby cams, but not the required one.  Sigh.
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Traffic cam not working
Traffic cam not working

1 19 February 2017 Moxyscott Found it

This would be a cool find if the webcam was working. N49 and I stood at the spot - looked at the webcam, but it wasn't operating. Thanks anyways - does this count as a find? Webcam hasn't taken a new image since 8:54am Feb. 18, 2017.