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Last Saturday of July - OU087C

 Last Saturday of July

Hidden by  Krips Curves

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N 38° 19.374' W 76° 27.594' (WGS84)

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 Location: United States > Maryland
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 Date Hidden: 25 July 2015
 Date Created: 18 July 2015
 Last Modified: 19 July 2015
 Waypoint: OU087C
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When: July 25th 4 pm - 6 pm or so

Where: The Striped Rock
14470 Solomons Island Rd S
Solomons, MD 20688

Between the 23rd and 27th, there are 3 important dates for us.

  • Our "adopted" daughter's (Deiarra2014 on GC) birthday.
  • The anniversary of Dangerous Curves adopting Cinnamon.
  • The anniversary of when Mr. Krip and Dangerous Curves started dating.

Please come help us to celebrate this special week! We will be eating outside because, according to their website:

Your well-mannered canine companions are also welcome to dine with you on our outside patios. We even have a special menu just for them!


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7 25 July 2015 sfcchaz attended the event

Very nice event and a good turn out too. Thanks to DudleyGrunt for making me aware of this event on the OCNA site. I decided to make a day out of it and collected caches in three different games and well as a benchmark. Food was great as well. Nice meeting everyone and thanks for hosting. TFTEC

7 25 July 2015 DudleyGrunt attended the event

Thank you for listing your event on OCNA!  I had a good time and enjoyed seeking a few local caches afterwards.  A little birdy has told me that there might be a new OC cache near here soon.

Confirmed - this WAS my 350th find OCNA find!

Happy Trails!

Pictures Connected with this Log Entry:
My 350th w/ Krips Curves & Cinnamon
My 350th w/ Krips Curves & Cinnamon

7 25 July 2015 Krips Curves attended the event

Thanks to everyone that came out & made our first event as success. We enjoyed spending part of our special weekend with our friends & making new ones. I'm really glad we crossposted it.
Dangerous Curves, Mr. Krip & Cinnamon the geodog

8 24 July 2015 sfcchaz will attend the event

I plan on being there.

8 23 July 2015 DudleyGrunt will attend the event

Actually, my other (weekend long) event has been cancelled, so I can make it. It will be my 350th OCNA cache.

Thanks and Happy Trails!