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Battle Monument - OU0882

 Baltimore Monuments and Memorials

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With all the discussion / controversy over the Confederate monuments in Baltimore, let me to to look more into Baltimore's various monuments and I found the website, Monument City Blog (MCB).  Per their site, "Monument City is a human-scale geotagging project. We’re riding our bikes around Baltimore City to document historical monuments, memorials and markers with GPS, photos and other first-person data."

I started with some the Confederate memorials that the city is now looking into possibly removing, but this monument is dedicated to the Battle of North Point a turning point of the War of 1812.


Per the MCB, ...this monument reads upon the front face of the pedestal, “Gloria Victis,” or “Glory to the Vanquished.” Though this sculpture is by Frederic Wellington Ruckstull and was dedicated in February of 1903, Gloria Victis is also the title of a 1874 sculpture at the National Gallery in Washington, DC by artist Antonin Mercie commemorating France’s loss in the Franco-Prussian War. 
"The monument stands between Mt Royal Avenue proper, and Mt Royal Terrace, a parallel access street for residents of the Bolton Hill neighborhood. Nearby stand several buildings of the Maryland Institute, College of Art. The sculpture is composed of two figures: the allegorical figure of Glory with wings outstretched, who holds aloft a laurel wreath in one hand, and in the other supports a soldier whose strength is failing him. His flag is lowered and he seems near defeat.

Per the MCB, the monument...Commemorates the Battle of North Point and those who died during the month of September 1814. The monument is the first built in America specifically for the common soldier. Placed on the site of Baltimore’s original courthouse, the location was chosen to preserve the land from further urban development. On the base of the structure is two relief sculptures that depict the bombardment of Fort McHenry and the Battle of North Point. The names of the soldiers that died in the historic conflict are spelled out on bands that wrap the towering column. Lady Baltimore holds a victory wreath at the apex of the fifty-two foot memorial. Designed by architect Maximilian Godefroy and built from 1815-1825. Sculpture by Antonio Capellano.

The Battle Monument is famously depicted on the flag and seal of Baltimore City. 

Logging Requirements: 

1. Visit the site in person.

2.  Post a photo of your and / or your GPS with the monument.

3.  Locate the plaque at the base of the monument that was put in place in 1915.  Another monument is mentioned.  The Log Password is the name of that monument.  One word, so do not include the word "monument".


There is a virtual Munzee for the monument.  Be sure to check the map out while you're here.

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1 01 August 2015 sfcchaz Found it

Well, I had some free time this afternoon, so I decided to grab the new OCNA caches in Baltimore thanks to DudleyGrunt.FTFat 4:55 PM. It was nice walking to these in the downtown this afternoon with the low humidity and the shade of the tall buildings. This was a very nice memorial, thanks for showing it to me. TFTC
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sfcchaz at Battle Monument
sfcchaz at Battle Monument