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Riverside Nature Center - OU08A1

 Nature Center

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I would not consider this to be a crosslisted cache. The cache is a traditional and this is a guest book. Finding one does not mean that you have found the other.

I have deleted the GC "Also Listed On" link and added the "OCNA ONLY" attribute. Please take a look and see what other attributes might be applicable.

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Thanks and Happy Trails!

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Animas and Berg Parks form a single city park along the Animas River.  Trails accommodate pedestrians, bicyclists and equestrians and offer year-round  interest for the avid nature lover or the casual walker.Go inside the nature center and sign the guest book.    The Nature center has many interpretive programs for children and has a wonderful viewing area to watch the park wildlife that frequent  the area.


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1 05 August 2015 suzy Found it

good place to go

1 04 August 2015 kingbee Found it

My favorite place to go.