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OPEN Ambassador #1 (TB6B2TW) MISSING AGAIN - OU0908

 Spreading geocaching good cheer to all

założona przez  Bon Echo

N 60° 00.000' W 100° 00.000' (WGS84)

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 Lokalizacja: Canada
 Typ skrzynki: Mobilna
 Wielkość: Mikro
 Status: Gotowa do szukania
 Data ukrycia: 31 August 2015
 Data utworzenia: 31 August 2015
 Ostatnio zmodyfikowano: 01 January 2018
 Waypoint: OU0908


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Data: 08/31/2015 17:30:16, add by DudleyGrunt

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This is OCNA Ambassador #1 Moving Cache. It is listed on OpenCaching North America, which is part of the OpenCaching network of geocache listing sites and is not at all related to the failed Garmin site.


NOTE : cache is probably not at the posted coordinates. This is a moving cache and it is on the move. The cache is also a travel bug, trackable at TB6B2TW.  Check the logs below for status of the travelling cache

I enjoy a variety of geocaching sites and other related games. Like most, I started out using the groundspeak site and discovered many awesome caches, great cache owners, and a lot of interesting places. I still use that site a lot. But I also discovered there are other ways to enjoy the “hunt”. I have since added the following sites to my “playlist” -  OpenCaching North America, Terracaching, Waymarking, and AtlasQuest for letterboxing. Each site has its strength, each site offers something unique. I encourage you to branch out and try something different.

The moving geocache is one of 14 geocache types that can be published on OpenCaching North America; other “grandfathered” cache types that can be published on OCNA include webcam caches and virtual caches. Unique cache types include the guestbook cache, BIT caches, MP3 caches, dead-drop caches, and challenges caches.

This cache will travel about and can be placed in any other suitable geocache (listed on any other listing site), or is can be hidden on its own (although the preference is to be placed inside other, larger geocaches).

The goal of this moving geocache is to encourage other geocachers to look beyond the “box” - there’s many ways to play, there are other listing sites which offer a fresh spin on the caching experience. They are all run by volunteers and most provide full access for free. And despite some of the typical assumptions, the quality and maintenance on the “alternative” caches that I’ve found are as good as what my experience has been on the big site. In fact, it’s a bit of a thrill to find a cache that has been unfound for two or three years. A find like that renews the passion for the hunt and for the discovery of hidden treasures!

To log this moving geocache, you must first locate it and take note of the logging password located inside the moving geocache. You must also sign the logbook - this is a physical geocache, after all. You can log a find, and leave it where you found it or you can move it along.

If you wish to move the moving geocache, great! Find the cache, sign the logbook, and take the moving geocache with you. Please log the find as soon as possible and mention in your log that you have the moving geocache. When you drop the moving geocache into another geocache or hide it in another location, please use the “Moved” log type to provide the new coordinates (or simply provide the geocache name and geocache code if placed into another geocache). If you chose to hide the cache “in the wild” (vs. inside another geocache), please provide some details about terrain and difficulty, a hint, and other useful details to help others find the moving geocache. If you choose to drop the moving geocache into an existing geocache, please make sure there is sufficient space in the cache. We all like to find well-stocked caches, but who likes finging one that’s so crammed full that it becomes hard to close up again?

The moving geocache is a 50-mL nalgene wide-mouth screwtop container. It contains the logsheet and log password. There is soem room for small trade items, especially pathtags.

Thanks, and happy caching! (and letterboxing…and Waymarking…and cyber caching…)


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3 04 June 2017 Bon Echo Komentarz

Cache coordinates updated. Sorry about that simrebel. I'm get one of these OPEN Ambassador caches into your hands I promise. I need to remake one that was lost in Texas and another is still waiting to be let loose.

This one was last spotted in Oshawa in GC6E4GN

But it might be missing AGAIN based on previous logs...

2 03 June 2017 simrebel Nie znaleziona

simrebel was here June 3, 2017 4:32 PM did not find at posted co Ord

1 25 December 2016 Norshley Znaleziona

Woohoo! This travelling cache has been reinstated, and serendipitously placed right next to the brand new cache in Ingersoll. Scored the FTF of that one, on Christmas morning, and then the bonus present of this one.

Retrieved it and placed it in a new location in London, inside my Century Oak geocache at N42 57.585 W081 08.334. It's on as GC1VZ9V. Will also log the travel bug drop off here.

4 24 December 2016 Bon Echo Skrzynka przeniesiona

Replacement moving cache hidden in the Harris Road Cemetery, Ingersoll. Hidden in an tree stump about 1-2 meters from an micro OpenCache that I also hid in this cemetery. Look in the tree stump, about 2-3 feet off the ground. Photo will be uploaded shortly.

new location N 43° 01.300' W 80° 50.820'

10 24 December 2016 Bon Echo Gotowa do szukania

Cache ready to search.