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OCNA Challenge Cache - Variety Show Hider (Level 1) - OU093C

 Hide 4 different cache types

założona przez  OCNAChallenges

N 25° 55.000' W 91° 50.000' (WGS84)

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 Lokalizacja: United States > None (Locationless)
 Typ skrzynki: Inny typ skrzynki
 Wielkość: Normalna
 Status: Gotowa do szukania
 Data ukrycia: 30 October 2015
 Data utworzenia: 30 October 2015
 Ostatnio zmodyfikowano: 19 November 2015
 Waypoint: OU093C


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As the banner says, if you qualify, you can log it. All OCNA Challenge caches are locationless type, arranged as Geo-Art in The Gulf of Mexico.They are all "unknown" (?) caches, owned by a special Admin account, OCNAChallenges. Do you have an idea for one? Feel  to contact us.


Variety Show Hider: OpenCaching North America currently has 14 cache types available to be found and hidden. see them here

For this Challenge create and hide 4 different cache types. Caches must be OCNA Exclusive to qualify.


Verification: Please post your qualifying hides with your log, preferably in the format, and also keep in mind you can link to cache pages using our cache log editor, although is not mandatory. To see if you qualify, you can just look through your list of hides in your profile. It is also possible to do a "my hides pocket query" on our site! (follow these instructions, but substitute your hidden caches, rather than your finds ) and that .gpx file is easily imported into GSAK, or any similar stats program. We recommend a "gpx gc" file, and we also recommend GeoGet as a free alternative to GSAK, should you not be a paid full version user of GSAK.


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1 03 May 2018 simrebel Znaleziona

Simcoe's Carillon Tower - OU0A2A  Virtual 
I Scream for Ice-cream Guest book - OU099F  Guestbook
Downtown Parking BIT Cache - OU0923 BIT Cache
Port Dover River Webcam - OU08CC  Webcam

Simcoe's Carillon Tower - OU0A2A  Virtual 

I Scream for Ice-cream Guest book - OU099F Guestbook

Downtown Parking BIT Cache - OU0923 BIT Cache

Port Dover River Webcam - OU08CC  Webcam

1 26 February 2017 Sabrefan7 Znaleziona

I have hidden seven different types so far. Here are the fist four. Looks like I need to add an Unknown

Pembroke Park Cache - OU00B7 Traditional
A Unique Walk in Akron - OU00E3 Multi
Harmonic Convergence - OU015D Virtual
Genesee County Park Interpretive Center - OU02B9 Guestbook

1 15 June 2016 shannan0 Znaleziona

I don't think I've ever completed a challenge cache on any site before!


Road Side Sign Cache - OU0A01

Hernando De Soto in South Carolina - OU09EA

Ol Timey General Store - OU09C3

General Benjamin Lincoln - OU09C2

1 07 April 2016 Mr.Yuck Znaleziona

Just occurred to me I never logged any caches that form the "A", many, many months later. No problem on this one.

1 05 April 2016 ithink314 Znaleziona

4 Types:

Webcam - Looking Forward Camtastic - OU090F

Virtual - AeroDyn Technologies Wind Tunnels - OU0910

Moving - Путешествие вложения матрешки/Traveling nesting Matryoshkas6 - OU0658

BIT - Путешествие вложения матрешки /Traveling nesting Matryoshkas - OU05ED