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Blue Mounds Stonehedge - OU0944

 What in the World? Or out of this World...

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N 43° 41.534' W 96° 11.697' (WGS84)

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 Location: United States > Minnesota
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Mystery abounds here. What you'll find here is a centuries-old oddity who's exact purpose and origin remain unknown. The posted coordinates bring you to a spot on the trail where it intersects a 1,250 foot long line of stones. This row of stones runs in a perfectly straight line, and during every spring and fall equinox the sun is perfectly aligned with it.

Who placed these rocks here and the reason behind it is a mystery that may never be solved. Were they arranged here by natives for time keeping of some sort? Maybe by aliens for navigation? What do you think?

This is located within Minnesota's Blue Mound State Park. A fee is required to enter, currently $5 for a single day or $25 for an annual permit good at all the state parks throughout Minnesota.

Walk the rocks from one end to the other, determine the highest point and send me a message with your estimate of the height of the tallest section of stones. Be sure to enjoy a walk along the bluff wall of the mound itself, check out the historic quarry and have a look at the bison herd while you're here.


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