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Ochopee - Smallest Post Office In The U.S. - OU0965

 Tiny Post Office in the middle of nowhere

Hidden by  cycleangela

N 25° 54.078' W 81° 17.837' (WGS84)

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 Location: United States > Florida
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 Date Hidden: 22 February 2016
 Date Created: 22 February 2016
 Last Modified: 22 February 2016
 Waypoint: OU0965


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While planning a day trip, I was looking for places to see and this came up. As I have a penchant for finding little off the radar places such as this, I had to visit. While you're there, there are two munzees deployed by some fellow munzee-ers. 

From Wikipedia: The Ochopee Post Office is the smallest post office in the United States. It is a tiny shed on US Route 41 near Ochopee, FL. It is located about 3 miles east of the intersection US 41 and State Road 29. The building used to be a storage facility for irrigation pipes of an adjacent tomato farm. It was converted into a post office in 1953, after a fire which destroyed Ochopee's previous post office and general store. The post office is currently fully functional, serving the surrounding populations of Miccosukee and Seminole Indians. The local post clerk is often asked for the famous Ochopee post mark.

To claim credit for this cache, please post a picture of yourself and/or your GPS at the site with either the building or the post office sign visible.

I hope you all enjoy the drive here as much as I did. If you're coming from Naples to the west, you'll enjoy driving through Collier State Park. If you're coming from Miami to the east, you'll enjoy views of the Everglads, Big Cypress State Park, and the Indian Reservation. 

About two tenths of a mile east of this cache is a divey type seafood place to try if you're hungry.

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1 18 November 2016 TommyGator Found it

Mrs T. and I visited this unique PO on our way home from Key West.  When my SIL worked for the PO, we would regularly point out inetersting PO's we've come across in our travels.  We'll enjoy telling her about this one-----Thanks for bringing us here!
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About the size of a big postage stamp
About the size of a big postage stamp