Task Difficulty: 2.5 Out of 5.0
Terrain Difficulty: 2.0 Out of 5.0
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Cacher Training: Multi - OU0A19

 A Multicache where each stage introduces cachers to different styles of hides.

Hidden by  Militescriste

N 35° 33.915' W 80° 36.090' (WGS84)

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 Location: United States > North Carolina
 Cache Type: Multicache
 Size: Normal
 Status: Ready for Search
 Date Hidden: 03 August 2016
 Date Created: 03 August 2016
 Last Modified: 04 August 2016
 Waypoint: OU0A19
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Cache Attributes

Ticks Snakes Thorns Bring Your Own Pen Available in Winter Poison Plants In the Woods 

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Description   EN   

Cacher Training is a 10 stage multicache. This was orignally created for a local geocacher to work with the library on site to teach others about geocaching. There are different styles of geocaches to get them accustomed to the different ways geocaches can be hidden. This is not intended to be all inclusive of geocache styles but a small smorgasboard to whet the geocaching appetite. We hope you enjoy these hides.

Each stage of this geocache represents a different style of hide. They range in size from Nano to Regular and range in difficulty from 1 to 3. We will attempt to give you all important information for each stage. They will be listed in order for solving the final stage, but they will not be in physical order as you may find yourself moving across terrain you already covered. All stages are physical containers. On the back of every log is a code. Input the code into its proper placement for the final coordinate. Ex: Find cache A, code goes in A spot in final coordinates. Final Coordinates: N 35° 3A.BCD W 080° EF.GHI

Good Luck to you!


A. Cacher Training: Penny for your Thoughts?

N 35° 33.896     W 080° 36.081

It's all in the name. Sometimes the hints are in your face. This is a micro (some would call it a nano) with a difficulty of 2 and terrain of 1.5


B. Cacher Training: Sitting with the Butterflies

N 35° 33.914     W 080° 35.998

This is a certified Nano. Please replace it carefully. Difficulty: 1.5, Terrain: 2


C. Cacher Training: Just Your Average Cache

N 35° 33.893     W 080° 36.037

This container is a small and the basic idea behind geocacing. Pleas replace it well. Difficulty: 1.5, Terrain: 2


D. Cacher Training: This Rock Doesn't Roll

N 35° 33.887     W 080° 36.061

This also is a small container (though some may still call this a micro). This placement is a favorite of many geocachers. The size for these can very from the regular (an easy find) to a sadisitic hider who puts a nano in this location. This one is a small, so it should b ean easy find, if you get low enough. Rehide it well please. Difficulty: 1.5, Terrain: 1.5


E. Cacher Training: Goin' Fishin'

N 35° 33.928     W 080° 36.040

This one will make you crazy if you have never seen it before. Once you have, you start to see them everywhere. The difficulty rating is for a first time finder, as a veteran cacher would notice this walking up to it, as will you after today! Please replace it carefully! Size: Micro. Diffculty: 2.5, Terrain: 1.5


F. Cacher Training: Post and Pole, Middle of the Middle. 

N 35° 33.902     W 080° 36.044

This cache might cause you some problems. Take a step back behind the path facing the building and get an image of the bigger picture. The title requires you to take a good look at the back of the library. Once you find the pattern, finding it should be a piece of cake. Also, it may interest you to know that this cache is magnetic. Please replace it well. Size: Micro, Difficulty: 2, Terrain: 1.5.


G. Cacher Training: The Dreaded LPC

N 35° 33.915     W 080° 36.090

Depending on your preferences for geocaching, you could love or hate this type of geocache. You will also discover that this type of geocache is popular in shopping centers. Please replace it well. Size: Small, Difficulty: 1, Terrain: 1.


H. Cacher Training: Hanging Around

N 35° 33.896      WE 080° 36.066

It's all in the name. Be careful though, these bushes are prickly, hence the higher difficulty rating, otherwise, this would be a 1.5. Size: Micro (come would call this a small and another name is a BISON TUBE. This one and the next were homemade.) Difficulty: 2.5, Terrain: 1.5


I. Cacher Training: Rum Hangen

N 35° 33.870     W 080° 36.068

Again, it's all in the name. Many geocaches are written in code, other languages or hints are on the page in pictures or in the source code, requiring you to do a little homework (or fieldwork) to solve it. This one won't be too hard. I will tell you it is in another language, but you probably figured that out. Please replace it well. Size: Micro (come would call this a small and another name is a BISON TUBE. This one and the next were homemade.) Dificulty: 1.5, Terrain: 2.5.



Cacher Training: The Gadget Puzzle Cache: Quit Poking the Birds. 

First step. Take the codes you got from the other caches and input them here. You have the puzzle part done!

Final Coordinates: N 35° 3A.BCD W 080° EF.GHI

Head to those coordinates. 

Gadget Caches: These are geocaches that are unusual in their container or the host for their container. The most common gadget cache is a birdhouse requiring a special method to open. This one is no different. A full sized pencil will be most helpful here. 

There is only one log, but this geocache is listed on another site too. Please follow the simple log signing request inside the birdhouse so we can track our finders source. Thanks for taking the time to complete this multi!

This is TeamStieney signing off and caching on!


Thanks go to Marian Lytle of Rowan County Public Library and Aaron Crowe of the South Rowan YMCA for permission to place these caches! 

Additional Waypoints

Stage Symbol   Type   Coordinates  Description
Parking AreaN 35° 33.915'
W 80° 36.090'
Physical pointN 35° 33.896'
W 80° 36.081'
 Penny for your Thoughts 
Physical pointN 35° 33.914'
W 80° 35.998'
 Sitting With the Butterflies 
Physical pointN 35° 33.893'
W 80° 36.037'
 Just Your Average Cache 
Physical pointN 35° 33.887'
W 80° 36.061'
 This Rock Doesn't Roll 
Physical pointN 35° 33.928'
W 80° 36.040'
 Goin' Fishin' 
Physical pointN 35° 33.902'
W 80° 36.044'
 Post and Pole: Middle of the Middle 
Physical pointN 35° 33.915'
W 80° 36.090'
 The Dreaded LPC 
Physical pointN 35° 33.896'
W 80° 36.066'
 Hanging Around 
Physical pointN 35° 33.870'
W 80° 36.068'
 Rum Hangen 
Final LocationN ?? ??????
W ?? ??????
 The Gadget Puzzle Cache: Quit Poking the Birds 


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3 20 April 2017 Militescriste Comment

Went to visit the cache and the container was damaged. I have since repaired it. it should be good to go! Thanks. 


1 21 August 2016 Deadpool2.0 Found it

Caching with coaxialslice tftc this was my first multi cache.

1 20 August 2016 coaxialslice Found it

Awesome multi-cache. This was my first one on  All the stages were in great shape and were just challenging enough for "training." This should be a must do multi for all beginner cachers.  My favorite stage was "A penny for your thoughts." And the most challenging for me was "Just hanging around" the camo on this one was spot on. Thanks for all the time and effort that was put in to create this multi-cache. Great job. TftcLaughing

12 03 August 2016 TermiteHunter OC Team comment