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Parry Sound Lookout Tower - OU0A35

 Parry Sound's 96-foot Look-Out tower overlooking Beautiful Georgian Bay

Hidden by  simrebel

N 45° 20.362' W 80° 01.661' (WGS84)

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 Location: Canada
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 Date Hidden: 31 October 2016
 Date Created: 31 October 2016
 Last Modified: 25 August 2017
 Waypoint: OU0A35


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The Parry Sound Forest Fire District was founded by Ontario's former Department of Lands and Forests (now the MNR) in 1922 as one of 17 districts to help protect Ontario's forests from fire by early detection from fire towers. The headquarters for the district were housed in town. It was the central location for 18 fire tower lookouts, including the Parry Sound fire tower, which was erected in the same location as the modern lookout tower at 17 George Street. In the 1970s all the towers had been decommissioned as aerial fire fighting techniques were employed.

Please log only if you have been up there and you must include a photo of the scenic view from the top.



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1 25 August 2017 Bon Echo Found it

stopped into Parry Sound on our way to Killarney PP. Been through her eon the highway a few times but it was my first time driving around through the town (and I got a bitmore than I wanted due to missing the first exit off the highway). Nice town and love the location. Hope to return and spend some more time but for today it was a stop at KFC then over to the tower for lunch and a climb up. As expected, we heard a train rumble by just after we came back down, too bad it would have been nice to see it going over the bridge. Thanks simrebel for the OCNA virtual cache. Photos attached.
Pictures Connected with this Log Entry:
Bon Echo atop the Parry Sound lookout tower
Bon Echo atop the Parry Sound lookout tower
semi-panoramic view in spite of the cage
semi-panoramic view in spite of the cage
uncaged view
uncaged view

12 02 November 2016 TermiteHunter OC Team comment