Inny typ skrzynki
Trudność zadań: 1.5 z 5.0
Trudność terenu: 1.5 z 5.0
75U180 - OU0A5D

 Fifty Rd at Edge Of The Niagara Escarpment

założona przez  Bon Echo

N 43° 11.710' W 79° 38.846' (WGS84)

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 Lokalizacja: Canada
 Typ skrzynki: Inny typ skrzynki
 Wielkość: Mała
 Status: Gotowa do szukania
 Data ukrycia: 15 January 2017
 Data utworzenia: 14 January 2017
 Ostatnio zmodyfikowano: 12 February 2019
 Waypoint: OU0A5D


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NOTE: This listing is an example of a benchmark cache type, in this case it in an example of a Canadian benchmark listed in the CGS-NRC database - one that I purposefully set out to find using only the station description = one that you won;t find on any other GPS-games site. Although it is currently listed as a virtual, it will eventually be converted to the new benchmark type when that is rolled out, or it will be archived and relisted. The final format may change in accordance to the listing requirements once those have been decided. you are welcome to find this virtual cache all the same, while it is still active.

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User Description:

This Benchmark is a Vertical Control Mark, set by NRCan. It is one of the few "Bilingual" marks I've found, having both English and French text.

The benchmark is a brass cap on an iron rod, just off the side of Fifty Rd. Ffity Rd runs south from Lake Ontario and climbs the Niagara Escarpment, making a very sharp turn at the top. You can park on the north side of Fifty Rd - the benchmark is located across from the parking area.

There was a witness post, but it appears to have been mowed or plowed down. A wooden stake has been put in it's place. The benchmark is in surprisingly great shape.

Benchmark Image - close up showing markings:

Benchmark Image - Eye Level View:

Benchmark Image - Horizon View:

Agency Geodetic Survey Division - Natural Resources Canada
Designation 75U180
Unique Number
Marker type Permanent agency marker
Condition Excellent
Setting Not Listed
Stamping 75U180
Mark Logo None
Reference Objects None Listed
History Inspected 1975 Geodetic survey division - nrcan
Station Description Iron pipe with brass cap, along regional road no. 50, 0.5 km north of intersection with ridge road, at top of escarpment and at east side of sharp bench in road, 8.2 m south of centre line of road, 2.4 m south of hydro pole, at road level
Station Report

Building Address N/A




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12 15 January 2017 TermiteHunter Komentarz OC Team


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