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Austin Musicians' Cache - OU012F

 The posted coordinates will get you to the parking area, but not to the cache.

Hidden by  Suchmann

N 30° 16.676' W 97° 40.948' (WGS84)

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 Location: United States > Texas
 Cache Type: Multicache
 Size: Normal
 Status: Ready for Search
 Date Hidden: 16 March 2004
 Date Created: 22 October 2010
 Last Modified: 22 October 2010
 Waypoint: OU012F
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Available in Winter Offset Cache In the Woods 

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The posted coordinates will get you to the parking area, but not to the cache.

Hidden at the beginning of the 2004 South by Southwest Music Festival (SXSW) and listed on, this well-hidden cache is dedicated to Austin's musicians. I believe this to be the first Austin cache on!

Some call Austin "the live music capital of the world". There's no doubt it is a live music hot spot, which might make it that much harder for a musician to make a living here. 

To find the cache, find the pavilion in the park, and look for the curved cast iron grate on the ground in front of it. This is the first stage, the only redirector. Look at the last panel on the end farthest from the pavilion. Near the word "URBAN", look for two three-digit numbers. They are repeated: one set on the grate and one on the rim. Figure out what to do with those two three-digit numbers and you'll be on your way to the cache.

The cache container is a .50 cal. ammo can. Please try to stick to a music performance theme. See the original cache contents for ideas. TNLN is OK too. Also, please try to hide your tracks in the immediate vicinity of the cache.

There are prickly pairs, pencil cactus, and fire ants in the park. I also found quite a few driving range golf balls in the area. Look out! There was a lot of trash the day I hid the cache, so bring your "cache in, trash out" bags. Stay away from the piles of antique broken glass, though. On a maintenance visit I found lots of local wildlife on and around the container, including one scorpion. Gloves might be a good idea!

Original cache contents:

  • Frenchy Fry TB
  • Gibson lightning bolt guitar strap
  • Hosa GPP-151 right angle 1/4" phone plug (male) to 1/4" phone jack
  • 25' guitar/keyboard cord
  • Fender 6" 1/4" phone plug (male) to 1/4" phone plug (male)
  • GHS Fast Fret ("Cleans strings, lets you play faster")
  • Gibson polishing cloth
  • The Duane Allman Slide ("An exact reproduction of the original Coricidin(R) bottle made famous by DUANE ALLMAN!")
  • Set of three Rockin Billy's dice control knobs for electric guitar
  • Three fast winders
  • Two packs of 24 Martin & Co. #1 (light gauge) guitar picks Please take just a few picks, not a whole pack, so they'll last longer.
  • A red, white, and blue recordable CD for your demo

All items are new. Sorry the initial cache contents are skewed toward guitar players. I play bass myself, and most of the affordable stuff I found while shopping was for guitars. Besides, the place I went shopping for cache loot was named ______ Center! *Don't want this to appear as a commercial plug! 

Note: when solving the puzzle and entering the final coordinates into your GPSr, you need to be working in degrees and decimal minutes, as in Nddº mm.mmm Wddd mm.mmmº. If you use decimal degrees, as in  Ndd.dddddº Wddd.dddddº, you'll be in trouble.

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Ng gur onfr bs na rireterra.



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1 18 July 2012 Bicycle_Junkie Found it

The paths are all overgrown and it was pretty hot today but it was fun!

2 05 September 2011 PG-Geo Didn't find it

I'm new to geo-caching, this was my very first attempt.  I'm disappointed I didn't find it but I loved looking for this cache.  It's in a part of town I've never thought of going and then there's more to the hunt then I thought there would be.

I wonder now if maybe the cache has been moved or taken?  I don't have a GPS only my iPhone.  I could only map the coordinates on the Google maps.  But based on the hint and previous notes, I'm pretty sure I was in the right place.  If I had an app I could type the coordinates into and have it direct me like a compass, I would feel more sure.

1 08 December 2010 geohiker Found it

Was in the Austin area and could not resist hunting down the only cache in the area.  Briefly read over the cache page and missed the needed numbers on the first pass.  Re-read the cache page and zeroed in on what is needed to get to the final.  Had a great time hiking down the hill to the cache.  Found it in great shape.  Thanks for listing this one on  SL  TFTC

1 08 December 2010 Betty Found it

This was my first opencaching cache. Thanks fro placing one here in Austin for me to find. Hook 'em Horns!