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Symposium 1980 - OU015F

 A Memory of the 1908s

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 Location: Canada
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 Date Hidden: 12 November 2010
 Date Created: 12 November 2010
 Last Modified: 05 February 2011
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In 1980 a major event took place which still retains traces Saguenay visible, thirty years later. This is the International Sculpture Symposium Environmental Chicoutimi. More than just a demonstration, it is a seminal event for reference. Its scale, its impact and its quality are exceptional.

The Symposium was significant on several levels. Sculpture event organized by and with sculptors, he has seen an impressive roster of guests. It was attended by international artists and Canadian artists whose career has since taken on the scale. The activity program included an educational component with workshops held by experimental renowned figures, exhibitions, etc.. A four-day symposium on the challenges of the sculpture gave the floor to experts, 285 people attended. A festival of performance associated with it, as well as parallel events. The artists scattered mainly in the three districts of Saguenay worked before the public. It retains this event mobilization of multiple stakeholders (university, municipality, merchants, etc..), The hiring of 15 students from five Quebec universities, spinoffs estimated at two million dollars and upgrading the site of the Chicoutimi Pulp , which took place much of the business. The term "environmental sculpture" was even born at that time.

The heart of the event was undoubtedly the achievement of ten monumental sculptures by many artists selected through competition. Some of them are still present. The jury of Yves Robillard, Denys Tremblay, Richard Martel, Hubert and Georges Dyens Durocher was chosen from 142 projects submitted. In Pulperie, we find the "in-place finish by Pierre Granche an immense truncated pyramid based on ancient foundations. A little further, one can see "Add-axial" Michel Goulet, a study on the relationship of body to space. Vestiges of the unfinished work of Armand Vaillancourt is still on the plateau of the street Cimon in Chicoutimi. Park River Mill, intervention Vazan inspired divination customs Amerindian remains in place while the geometry and sculpture evoking religious symbols Miroslav Maler awaits you at Park Hill. This is where I placed a cache for your enjoyment.

Have fun!


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9 05 February 2011 Danatisy Cache archived

Cache was archived.

3 18 January 2011 Danatisy Comment

Le contenant a été volé.

SVP attendre un prochain avis avant de vous y rendre.

1 21 November 2010 dramiscram Found it

Belle petite micro

le contenant est de type genuine geocaching super cool!

j'ai eu un peu de difficulté à l'extraire du porte cache

Merci antoine!

1 13 November 2010 galileo5 Found it

Nous sommes arrivés à 8H30 mais pas encore de cache. Au moment de partir, nous aperçevons Danatisy qui arrive sur les lieux. On attend quelques minutes et on va trouver cette petite. Toujours un plaisir de croiser ce passionné de géocaching.

Très beau contenant pour cette micro.