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Statystyka skrzynki
Karl and Kristina - OU01D8

 Located in Lindstrom, Minnesota along US Highway 8

Hidden by  tansey

N 45° 23.389' W 92° 51.023' (WGS84)

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 Location: United States > Minnesota
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 Date Hidden: 14 December 2010
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 Last Modified: 14 December 2010
 Waypoint: OU01D8


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You are standing on part of what was the original plot for the town of Lindstrom. In 1854, Daniel Lindstrom, a Swedish immigrant, purchased 130.4 acres of surrounding land at $1.25 an acre. The statues are of Karl Oskar and his wife Kristina. Karl is looking ahead to his future in America and Kristina is looking back, longing for her homeland of Sweden. The original statues are in Karlshamm, Sweden. Karl and Kristina are fictional characters in a series of books written by Vilhelm Moberg. In 1948, Moberg stayed in the area and did research for the books which were loosely based on the large Swedish immigration to the area in the 1800s as a result of the land being open to immigrants by the 1837 Indian Treaty. The statues represent all the Swedes who settled in this area as represented by the Moberg books, based on many immigrant stories. When we moved here,in 1968, Swedish was till heard spoken at the PO and the cafes, and it was taught in the schools into the late 1980's. Permission given by THE COUNTY PRESS.

The password needed to log this cache successfully is the compass direction that Karl is facing- one word in small letters.


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1 24 January 2015 Aardvark Found it

Nice bit of history. Thanks!

1 11 September 2012 rickrich Found it

Great virtual!

1 10 July 2011 rootee2t Found it

Love this quaint little town! We've been through here many times and even stopped to visit Karl & Kristina a time or two. My Swedish cousin has a business just across the street so of course, we had to log this find. Thanks for the virtual and a bit of Swedish history.

1 14 December 2010 Grey Wolf Found it

Great to see virtuals making a return.  Nice historic location.  And with the Swedish Inn across the street, you can sit down and enjoy the local fare.  Thanks for the Virtual Cache and a FTF.