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Santa's Post Office - OU01F0

 Santa Statue at US Post Office, Santa Claus, Indiana

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N 38° 07.235' W 86° 55.470' (WGS84)

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 Location: United States > Indiana
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 Date Hidden: 20 December 2010
 Date Created: 20 December 2010
 Last Modified: 20 December 2010
 Waypoint: OU01F0


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Santa Claus Statue at US Post Office, Santa Claus, IN

Santa Claus, Indiana, is a town located in Carter, Clay and Harrison townships, Spencer County in Southwest Indiana, between Interstate 64 and the Ohio River.

Santa Claus, Indiana, was established in 1854. In 1856, when the town (then known as Santa Fe, pronounced "fee") was working to establish a Post Office, the US Postal Service refused their first application as there was already another Santa Fe, Indiana. Several town meetings were held, during which the name Santa Claus was selected.

The town has the world’s only post office to bear the name of Santa Claus. Because of this popular name, the post office receives thousands of letters to Santa from all over the world each year. A group of volunteers known as "Santa’s Elves" ensures each child receives a reply from Santa Claus; this tradition has been around since at least 1914. Every year, the Post Office also creates a special Christmas hand-cancellation pictorial postmark for use during the month of December, which attracts mail from all over the world. The pictorial postmark is chosen each year from submissions from art students at the local high school, Heritage Hills H.S.

Santa Claus is currently home to approximately 2,200 residents. According to the 1990 census, 927 people resided in Santa Claus. By 2000 the town's population had grown to 2,075. A majority of Santa Claus residents live within the gated community of Christmas Lake Village, which was first established in the late 1960s by Bill Koch. It consists of 2,500 acres (10 km2) developed around three lakes: Christmas Lake, Lake Holly, and Lake Noel. The street names in Christmas Lake Village are all themed and named after the Christmas season. Many residents also live in Holiday Village, a subdivision on the north side of town.

Santa Claus is the home to numerous themed attractions including: Santa's Candy Castle, Santa Claus Museum, Holiday World & Splashin' Safari, Frosty's Fun Center, and Christmas Lake Golf Course. It is also home to Santa's Lodge and Lake Rudolph Campground & RV Resort.

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1 27 May 2012 DudleyGrunt Found it

3282 / 86. Stopped by on the way to St. Louis (for the Arch) for this one - especially after meeting the CO at GWX.

My family really got a kick out of Santa Claus. Thanks.

Happy Trails!

(will upload my photo tomorrow evening, when I get home)
Pictures Connected with this Log Entry:
DG @ Sant's Post Office
DG @ Sant's Post Office

1 21 November 2011 PaddleAway Found it

OBXGeek and I were headed home, for me that is PA, after a road trip to Seattle.  OBXGeek introduced me to OpenCaching on this trip.  Prior to this trip, I had only done caches listed on  It was really great that we got to share a FTF on this neat cache.  This was our third opencaching cache on this trip and all 3 were first to finds.  How lucky can you get.  The Christmas tree headed cross country from California to the Capitol Building in DC happened to stop right near the cache the day we were there.  More luck.  After getting our pictures taked at the cache we were able to get some pictures of the tree and the truck.  We also bought postcards to send home from Santa Clause.  The post office even had a special box where they held our postcards to mail until December 1, when they start using their special Santa Claus Christmas postmark for the year.  Thanks for bringing us to this unique town.
Pictures Connected with this Log Entry:
PaddleAway in Santa Claus, Indiana
PaddleAway in Santa Claus, Indiana

1 21 November 2011 obxgeek Found it

11/21/2011 16:06 Found: Found it

I had to go to Seattle for a conference so I got the crazy idea to make the drive there to pick up new states and visit some great locations. I decided to also use it as a chance to hunt for some caches on some of the other sites that are more spread out so I mapped my route and got all the main caches in my database then went back to the other sites like this one and traced the route to grab any caches that were along the way. When I found this cache I just had to visit it. My wife OBXBeachGirl loves Christmas and I couldn't pass it up.

We made it here and found the spot for the cache even though the parking was really hard today. As luck would have it the Capitol Christmas Tree was visiting on its way to the Capitol Building in Washington DC. It was only here for a single day so I was amazed at the chances of us being here at the same time as we are headed back to the DC area where I live. We got pictures of the truck after loging the cache and had a great time in this little town. Thanks for bringing us here. Without this cache we never would have seen the tree.
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Happy Christmas!
Happy Christmas!