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A Tour Through Air & Space - OU01FF

 @ Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center

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The Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center near Washington Dulles International Airport is the companion facility to the Museum on the National Mall. Opened in December 2003, it provides space for the Smithsonian to display the thousands of aviation and space artifacts that cannot be exhibited in the museum on the National Mall. Combined, the two sites display the largest collection of aviation and space artifacts on Earth.

The Center was made possible by a $65 million gift in October 1999 to the Smithsonian Institution by Steven F. Udvar-Hazy, an immigrant from Hungary and innovator of the practice of airlines leasing their planes, instead of purchasing them.

The museum is a must visit for anyone in the area.

There is no fee to enter the museum, but it's hard to park anywhere free an walk.  On site parking is available for $15 per day.  There are also public transportation options, shuttles from area airports, or you can even fly your own plane to the center (well, sort of).

Visit their website for even more information.

NOTICE - Security at the entrance has tightened up, multi-tools and anything with a blade longer than 3" are not allowed.

1. Find the SR-71. Its last flight was 1 hr 4 min and ab sec.

2. Find the UH-1H Iroquois & indentify it's tail number - 0101cd.

3. Find the X35-B JSF. Find the name of the pilot (Tom ________) listed under the cockpit.  May need to check both sides of the plane.
The number of consonants his last name is W.

4. Locate OV-103 in the Space Hangar.  On either side of the vehicle, you will find a well labled port that is to "remain open at all times."  It is identified with as an "a/b ______ Port".  a=X  (you are looking for a letter)

5. Find the Mercury capsule 15B. Somewhere along the bottom edge, you will find the text, "AUTO He0f FILL.

6. Find the B-29 Superfortress. Identify the Air Forces Serial Number, g4-8629h.

7. Finally, please take a picture of yourself with your favorite item in the display. If you're shy, you don't need to show your face in the photo.

Log Password = UVWXYZ

IF YOU FIND THAT ANY DISPLAYS ARE UNAVAILABLE, PLEASE LET ME KNOW.  I'll ask you to send me the answers you were able to retreive, along with posting your photo.  If you're able to get picture of any signage or such for the closed exhibit, that would be appreciated, as well.


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1 23 October 2016 sorahl Found it

I came here to see the model of the starship Enterprise, only to find out that I had come to the wrong museum... So I enjoyed all the exhibits here, and then drove back to DC to see what I had come for... TFTC!

1 24 June 2015 Pirate Rat Found it

Spent a fine afternoon with my family. My son was most interested in the cutaway engines. My sister didn't see anything except Ingress Portals. Loved The Close Encounters mothership model... I never knew it had such fine detail.
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3 24 January 2015 DudleyGrunt Comment

I visited the 2nd annual open house and checked out the information for the CC.  One vehicle has been replaced and you know longer seemed to be able to quite close enough to reliably read the information requested.  I've updated the requirements and the CC appropriately.

I mostly came out to see the USS Enterprise prior to her upcoming refit.  Well, the 11 foot model from the original television Star Trek series before its upcoming restoration.

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USS Enterprise
USS Enterprise

1 16 September 2012 Astronut42 Found it

I went to Udvar-Hazy (one of my favorite places!) to see the special exhibit of Neil Armstrong's helmet and gloves. I also got to see the space shuttle Discovery which is the only shuttle I ever say launch (on STS-133 on the next to, next to last shuttle flight).
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Astronut42 with Armstrong's gloves and helmet.
Astronut42 with Armstrong's gloves and helmet.