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Vieux Baie-Comeau - Le Centre Ville - OU0201

 Baie-Comeau - Downtown, Then and Now

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The town of Baie-Comeau was founded in 1937, by Colonel Robert R. McCormick. He built a newsprint mill here in order to supply his newspapers. The New York News and the Chicago Tribune.

Place LaSalle was, and still is, the center of old Baie-Comeau.

Like many other towns, our downtown has been rebuilt completely, but the stamp of the 1940's remains . Some old photographs are included to help you enjoy your visit.

Place LaSalle is very close to the port facilities, so there is easy access for the tourists from the cruise ships and also for visitors arriving by the ferry that crosses the St.Lawrence River..

To log the cache you must go to the above indicated coordinates and find a traffic light post. Make note of the two street names that you see on the top of the post, and enter the password which is simply the names of the two streets written like this. ABCD/EFGH Do not include the words " rue or blvd". etc.

Enjoy your visit of Downtown Baie-Comeau and Bon géocaching.




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1 15 January 2011 claude144 Found it

Merci pour votre cache et tres belle visite dans la ville de Baie-Comeau.

1 28 December 2010 A-LiNo Found it

Trouvée ce matin. Ma première sur Opencaching. Merci pour la cache.

1 25 December 2010 davidb1957 Found it

very nice on this cold chilly night. Out driving and found it. A nice start to many more in this region.