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L'Ére des Glaciers - OU0232

 Traces left by the galciers.

Hidden by  VE2YWS

N 49° 14.365' W 68° 08.648' (WGS84)

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 Location: Canada
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 Date Hidden: 17 January 2011
 Date Created: 16 January 2011
 Last Modified: 17 January 2011
 Waypoint: OU0232


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Tens of thousands of years ago, this whole area was under the Laurentide Ice Sheet, covered in some places to a depth of more than 3 miles of solid ice.

As the ice receded, many traces were left behind. Baie-Comeau is rich with these traces: glacial lakes, long deep bays called fjords, giant deposits of seashells, glacial deltas (ex. Manicouagan peninsula) and more.

Baie-Comeau has a recently developed a major tourist attraction called "Le Jardin des Glaciers" and their bi-lingual website has more information on the Glacial Age than I can ever list here. Ref:

Although, fees are required to visit the Jardin des Glaciers, this cache can be found and logged with no fees.

To find and log this cache, proceed to the coordinates and take note of the last word on the top line of the granite structure.
Count the number of columns at the front of the building behind the sign.

The password is the last word followed by the number of columns in Roman numerals. No caps required.

Example: abc/xxx

Bon géocaching.


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1 19 January 2011 davidb1957 Found it

Great one. Get us to discover another great place.

1 17 January 2011 A-LiNo Found it

Un Pat.   Laughing

Trouvé en avant-midi. J'ai bien aimé le principe de mot de passe.



1 17 January 2011 claude144 Found it

Trouvée cette après midi en fesant une promenade.

Très belle histoire et très beau site.M.P.L.C.

This after diner,taking a ride in town.

Nice story and nice site T.F.T.C.