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La Première Évêché - OU0233

 Monseignor Labrie's first residence.

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N 49° 12.731' W 68° 08.849' (WGS84)

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 Waypoint: OU0233


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Description   EN, FR   

A little known tidbit of the history of the Town of Baie-Comeau is the location of

the Bishop's first residence.

At the beginning of Baie-Comeau Mgr.Labrie, the bishop of the region, lived

temporarily in a double house on Laval Street.
His plans were to build his palace on the top of the mountain behind the residence,

but, the owners of the company town, QNSPCo. refused his project for various


Therefore Mgr.Labrie decided to build his palace outside of the town limits and in

so doing founded the town of Hauterive.

The coordinates above were taken directly in front of the double house. To find

and log this cache go to the co-ords and note the civic numbers.These numbers

are the password. The lowest number first, separated by a slash.

Ex. 123/456.

Enjoy the cache.


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1 19 January 2011 davidb1957 Found it

Great. I have been here 53 years and still learning the history of Baie Comeau.
Thanks so much. :)

1 18 January 2011 VE2YWS Found it

Bonne idée. J'aime les caches qui parlent de l'histoire.

Merci pour la cache.

1 17 January 2011 A-LiNo Found it

Un 2ième PAT  cool  Cool

Merci pour la cache virtuelle.