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Barrie City Hall Rink - OU027C

 The Rink webcam located at Barrie City Hall

Hidden by  Juicepig

N 44° 23.449' W 79° 41.152' (WGS84)

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 Location: Canada
 Cache Type: Webcam
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 Time: 0:05 h   Distance to Travel: b.d.
 Date Hidden: 06 April 2011
 Date Created: 06 April 2011
 Last Modified: 06 April 2011
 Waypoint: OU027C


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Have your picture taken from the Barrie City hall Rink-Cam!

Of course the Rink is only here in the winter - the rest of the year it is a courtyard.  Come on Saturday morning if you want to pick up some vegetables from the farmers market!

To Log this Cache:

1. Go to the posted Coordinates

2. Either have a friend or log in using a smart phone to take a picture of yourself as seen from the webcam: 

(The Rink Cam is the image in the top left)

The webcam refreshes every 15 minutes, so you might want to bring a book.  Its a Great place to relax.

Post the image you obtain with your found log!  Enjoy the history of Downtown Barrie!


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1 24 August 2015 Bon Echo Found it

Visited Barrie over the weekend, this is my first time staying in Barrie since 2003. The previous visit was pretty significant, since I attended a wedding, the reception being held on a cruise ship docked nearby this location IIRC, and I proposed to my now-wife at the reception in front of all the friends and family. This trip, I got my first classic Terracache find and first OCNA webcam...not quite as significant.

What, a webcam cache and no logs? Well, now I know why. With a 15 minute refresh rate, this is more like a series of evenly spaced photographs placed throughout the day. Dr. K (not a geocacher but a geek like me and so he probably will be one before long) and I walked up from the Spirit Catcher to do this webcam; I didn’t tell him about the 15 minute refresh rate until we got there. Turns out there is free wifi available at this spot, good to know. We struggled to figure out if we were actually in the image given the distance from the camera to the ground and the strong sun. We hung around for several refresh cycles and I have the sunburn on my thinly covered head to prove it. We left not knowing for sure if we pulled it off. Turned out we did get into one of the images, you can see us standing in the shade of the “farmers market” pavilion or whatever they call that structure. I will include a few screenshots and also a few real photos with this log as proof of visit, hopefully it is satisfactory.

This is my first time around downtown Barrie, nice place. We checked out the art gallery and found a guestbook there so Barrie’s third OCNA cache is in the works. Thanks for the webcam challenge.


That's us standing in the shade - really bright hey?
photo 1-1

In this shot, DrK is sitting on the bench furthest to the right, I am standing beside him.
photo 2-1

I see you, do you see me
I see you, do you see me

DrK waiting for me to get the screenshot
DrK waiting for me to get the screenshot