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Locks 34 & 35 Webcam - Lockport, N.Y. - OU02BF

 Webcam cache in a historic location

Hidden by  Mr.Yuck

N 43° 10.174' W 78° 41.670' (WGS84)

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 Location: United States > New York
 Cache Type: Webcam
 Size: No container
 Status: Archived
 Time: b.d.   Distance to Travel: 0.10 mi
 Date Hidden: 14 June 2011
 Date Created: 14 June 2011
 Last Modified: 12 August 2015
 Waypoint: OU02BF


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Note Per Rayman's find log of 8/20/11, the camera pictures on the web appear to be about 5 minutes behind real time!!

This webcam is in downtown Lockport, N.Y. mounted on the roof of the Lockport Municipal building. It rotates approximately 180 degrees, and updates on the web every 15 seconds. You will be standing at the far Southern end of the webcam's rotation. You can't miss the spot, there is a classic Blue and Yellow New York State historical marker there. This is not the greatest webcam I've seen for making a webcam cache, but I have seen worse. Additionally, the captured picture looks quite a bit better once saved to a computer than the live webcam view on the website. The webcam was actually acting up the day I was there and snapped the coordinates, so there is no picture of Mr. Yuck, and you'll have to stand as indicated by the red arrow.

The URL for this webcam is Now if you are doing this webcam cache the "old-fashioned way", with a remote helper sitting on a computer, they need to right click the picture on the website once you appear in it. It will name itself "3Rz.jpg" by default, and they need to save it, and you just need to upload that picture with your log to claim a find. Doing the webcam cache solo the "newfangled smartphone way"? Well, you're on your own then. Models and mobile web browsers vary greatly.

As I said before, not the greatest webcam, but I think it will work. As long as there is a discernable human figure standing there looking towards the camera, you'll be fine.  Feel free to hold up your GPS, or flap your arms if you like. Oh, and of course if you look down over the railing in the picture above, you will see Lock #35 on the New York State Barge Canal, AKA The Erie Canal. Locks 34 and 35 raise or lower boats approximately 50 feet at the Niagara Escarpment.


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9 12 August 2015 Mr.Yuck Cache archived

Cache was archived.

3 12 August 2015 Mr.Yuck Comment

Thanks! I'll admit I haven't looked in a while, but I'd say within the last year. Buh-bye.

5 11 August 2015 Borst68 Cache needs maintenance

404 on the link.  City of Lockport has a new web site.  Webcam is not on new site.  Old site is now Town of Lockport.  No webcam there either.

1 13 July 2012 DudleyGrunt Found it

3409.  I think the 15 minute delay has been resolved.  I was able to get a picture, without much trouble.  The alignment seems to have changed, so stood at the center / peak of the bridge.

My biggest problem was trying to read my phone in the bright sun.  Was almost getting ready to try calling someone, when I noticed that the small smudge on the screen was actdually me.

After confirming the pic was good, I walked back around the corner toward my car and stopped at Tom's Diner for lunch (Han's Hoagie) and to KM's Treats for a banana cream pie ice cream cone.  Yum!

Thanks and Happy Trails!

1 20 August 2011 Rayman Found it

This webcam ended up being an exercise in persistance. I first stood near the designated spot and brought up the webcam on my phone. No sign of me, or anything currently there. Finally after several minutes, I noticed the picture changed. At least I knew it was working. So I went over to the other side of the canal where the benches are, since that was the current picture, and waited. And waited. Nothin! But the picture was still changing on the website! So, back to the bridge I went, both the north side and then the middle. By the time I got to the middle I finally saw me sitting on the bench! Ah-hah! It seems as though the picture that appears on the website is about 5 minutes or so behind actual time. So after I saved the picture of me sitting on the bench I headed back to my car. By the time I got there, I was able to see me standing on the north side of the bridge, then a few minutes later at the middle. So I saved all three, and will provide them here with my log. Thankfully it was a gorgeous day because I wouldn't want to be standing out there in the winter. Thanks for the interesting experience here!
Pictures Connected with this Log Entry:
Rayman sitting on the bench
Rayman sitting on the bench
Rayman on the north side of the bridge
Rayman on the north side of the bridge
Rayman in the middle of the bridge
Rayman in the middle of the bridge