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Antioch Colony - OU02C0

 Historical Marker

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N 30° 05.143' W 97° 51.017' (WGS84)

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 Location: United States > Texas
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This historical marker was unveiled in January 2011 near Buda, TX.

Marker reads:

Antioch Colony was a rural farming community formed during reconstruction by a group of formerly enslaved African Americans. Although freed from slavery after the Civil War,  African Americans still found it difficult to purchase land. In 1859, Anglo businessman Joseph F. Rowley purchased 490 acres in north Hays County, along Onion Creek.  He began selling parcels to former slaves in 1870 at $5.00 per acre. Rowley, perhaps in an effort to protect the new landowners from losing their property indicated in many of the deeds that the African American owners could not sell the property without Rowley's consent. After moving to Missouri, Rowley rescinded the stipulation in 1893, but the document was not filed in Hays County until 1913.

Visit the site to read the rest of the marker.  To log this cache, use the last name of the couple that donated property (all lower case) as the password.  Please DO NOT post a picture of the marker showing the answer. Post a picture of you and/or your group near the site so that I know you were there.






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1 27 February 2016 tripman1 Found it

Visiting the Austin area and stopped by this interesting one. Thanks for sharing. Will have to post pics when I get home.
Pictures Connected with this Log Entry:
antioch colony
antioch colony

1 24 January 2015 Aardvark Found it

Interesting piece of history. Thanks!

1 11 February 2012 Bicycle_Junkie Found it

Such a cool history! Thanks for bringing me here!
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The building and me in the twilight.
The building and me in the twilight.

1 21 June 2011 NativTxn Found it

I'm not claiming FTF on this one since I helped post it, but I was there. Nice little spot.
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Marker and surrounding area
Marker and surrounding area