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Say "CHEESE" 1st International Day of Geocaching - OU02E3

 Meeting for lunch at Jus' Mac Inc from 11am-3pm.

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Come on out and enjoy some good eats at my new favorite restaurant. Let's talk, swap and be on our way. I will have the patio area reserved.

2617 Yale Street
Houston 77008

I have seen talk about a special souvenir when you attend an event on this day!!

Join us for a fun evening on the west side of town, with good food and good friends.

Please bring: a good appetite (plus $$$ if you plan to dine with us), geocoins, pathtags, SWAG, and/or stories to trade.

We are a fun-loving, friendly community of folks who love caching and we welcome newcomers into our fold, so don't be shy about joining us!

If you plan to attend, please log "will attend" on this cache page. Then come to the event and get to know us. We can't wait to meet you! Afterwards, log "attended" on this cache page and you'll get credit for attending an event cache.


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9 28 September 2011 gsguru Cache archived

Cache was archived.

7 20 August 2011 geohiker attended the event

We had a great time visiting with fellow cachers and the food was really good.   TFTE

7 20 August 2011 gsguru attended the event

Had a grerat ime. Lots of good fellowship and cache talk. Looking forward to the next event!