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Sleeping Giant - OU030C

 Come See Some REAL Rockets at Rocket Park

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N 29° 33.210' W 95° 05.662' (WGS84)

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 Location: United States > Texas
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 Date Hidden: 25 August 2011
 Date Created: 25 August 2011
 Last Modified: 26 August 2011
 Waypoint: OU030C


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There's a real Saturn 5 rocket here -- the rocket that took men to the moon.  This is the only original launchable rocket that remains. There are also rocket displays from the Mercury and Gemini manned space programs.

You must drive past the Space Center guard shack like you were entering the Space Center, but you pause at the shack to tell the guard where you're going.  Don't let this intimidate you, Rocket Park is open to the public.  I was told the area opens at 9AM and closes at 6PM. The guard who told me this seemed confident about the closing time, but I got the feeling he was guessing about when it opens, so if you're adventurous you can try earlier, then report the results in your log.  I've driven by and seen the gates open at 8AM. 

Most people miss the Longhorn Cattle Project located immediately behind the large building.  Take a few more minutes while you're there and visit the genuine Texas Longhorns out the back door.

To claim this find email me the date on the bottom right of the plaque in the parking lot.  The date after the word "engineers."


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1 07 November 2018 TommyGator Found it

What a great Virtual Cache!

We had no ifdea this place would be so interesting.  In fact, we are planning a trip to visit the other nearby site when we have more time to appreciate all it has to offer.

We were on our way back from a few days on the beach at Galveston and stopped here to get this Virtual.  At first I was a bit dismayed as the plaque referenced in the description was not in the parking lot.  However, we decdided to take an in-depth look around and went inside---and found the plaque right under the nose of the rocket!

I've attached a picture of the plaque location in case there is any doubt.  Email with the date on the way.

Thank you so much for bringing us here!

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Plaque Location
Plaque Location
We were here!
We were here!

1 19 May 2017 ninjamom64 Found it

Found the plaque inside the building not in the parking lot. Will email the year on a sec.

1 31 August 2011 geohiker Found it

This is a great display.  I'm really glad it is now covered and air conditioned.  Thanks for the virtual.  Email is on the way.