Task Difficulty: 2.0 Out of 5.0
Terrain Difficulty: 3.0 Out of 5.0
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Ten Mile Creek - OU036B

 Ten Mile Creek located in the George E. LeStrange Preserve.

Hidden by  Waypointless

N 27° 23.945' W 80° 22.930' (WGS84)

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 Location: United States > Florida
 Cache Type: Traditional
 Size: Small
 Status: Ready for Search
 Date Hidden: 13 November 2011
 Date Created: 13 November 2011
 Last Modified: 29 January 2015
 Waypoint: OU036B


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This find is probably best done on foot. We rode our bikes knowing the trail is (for the most part) well mowed grass, however, we hid the cache in the parks interpretive trail section so expect the trail to unexpectedly turn rough, hilly, and un-kept with 1' - 4' drops, potholes, exposed roots and over-growth. There was some muddied areas. Keep all this in mind while searching and you'll be back to raw nature with this find. Look for a plastic mayo jar. As a starter we left a little green army guy to signify adventure. Please sign the guest book. Good luck and have fun.

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Vgf pnyyrq Gra Zvyr Perrx ohg lbh zvtug frr 12.



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1 18 December 2011 Joshism Found it

I've been to LeStrange park once before - last May to do BillyPilot's GC series here.  I decieded to return today since I was aware this cache had been published.

When I was here last, I don't think the river trail had been opened yet.  It was a great little hike.   After finding the cache, I continued on the trail and came across a ropeswing and a shelter area constructed into the bank close to it.  The trail crosses a small stream via a fallen tree, but I was able to balance across it with ease.  The trail loops back to the sandy double track after the stream, but judging by the ribbons on the trees they are planning to keep the trail going even further along the creek.  I heard a few years ago that SLC wanted to have hiking trails in the triangle formed by Ten Mile Creek, I-95, and the Turnpike so maybe they are literally working their way toward that goal, with the trails connecting from LeStrange?


As for the cache itself, it is in good condition and was dry inside despite some heavy rain last weekend.  Had a little trouble nailing down GZ and climbed up from the trail to the clear-cut area, overshooting the cache.  Found it as I returned to the trail.


FYI there is a big geocaching event at Jonathan Dickinson State Park in January - Cachepalooza 6.  Hope to see you there!

1 17 November 2011 mmbuggers Found it

Cool Went out for a walk today to get this cache. The sandy trail is pretty wide and quite easy to follow. I approached from the creek and found the cache pretty qickly-the coords were good for my PN40 gps. Since I didn't have much with me I put some cuurency in the cache and took nothing. Saw the army guy and left him for the next adventurer. Signed the log as FTF. Thanks for the nice cache.