Task Difficulty: 2.5 Out of 5.0
Terrain Difficulty: 2.5 Out of 5.0
Cold War Radar Base Ruins Windrock - OU0379

 Traditional cache in a fairly remote cold war era long abandoned radar base.

Hidden by  luurts

N 36° 11.874' W 84° 13.749' (WGS84)

 Coordinates in Other Systems
 Location: United States > Tennessee
 Cache Type: Traditional
 Size: Normal
 Status: Ready for Search
 Date Hidden: 03 December 2011
 Date Created: 05 December 2011
 Last Modified: 24 July 2017
 Waypoint: OU0379


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Cache Attributes

Access Fee Required Ticks Snakes Available in Winter In the Woods Historic Site Listed on OCNA Only 

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Description   EN   

The cache is a plastic snap lid container inside a zip lock bag. The cache consists of a log sheet, pencil and a few take aways.

You can get to the cache area from the trailhead on Windrock Road, or from Highway 116 if you have the nerve, or from the Briceville area via gravel roads. ATV/OHV not a need, but small truck/SUV/Dirt bike or like vehicle would be advised.

This cache lies within the boundary of Windrock Mountain/Coal Creek OHV/ATV/Mountain Bike area. Land use permit and fee required by land owner. (Fee is about $18 for a day, with other lengths available) Land owner has given permission for placing this cache and others.

This is an long, long abandoned radar base constructed in about 1950-1951. Was to protect Oak Ridge. I think it was closed in the late 50s. We think a great example of some history that would not be something looked for. This site is now a small antenna farm.

Just a couple of the original structures remain, but there are lots of ruins to explore. 

Requires a sharp turn from a gravel road into a small rutted lane to the base.


Additional Hints   Decrypt

Nyy va nyy whfg nabgure oevpx va gur jnyy



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