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Statystyka skrzynki
Baltimore County's Statue of Liberty - OU03B9

 There is a replica of the Statue of Liberty in Baltimore County

Hidden by  nighthawk700

N 39° 22.964' W 76° 43.478' (WGS84)

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 Location: United States > Maryland
 Cache Type: Virtual
 Size: No container
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 Time: 0:05 h   Distance to Travel: 0.10 mi
 Date Hidden: 18 February 2012
 Date Created: 19 February 2012
 Last Modified: 20 February 2012
 Waypoint: OU03B9


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Wheelchair Access Available in Winter Limited Hours Listed on OCNA Only 

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There is a twelve-foot “Statue of Liberty” located at the Druid Ridge Cemetery, in Baltimore Maryland.  the statue is a part of the Kratz Memorial Foundation.  There is also a museum and other memorials in the area, and the cemetery itself has many memorable statues and grave stones. 

There is a path from the road to the memorial.  I believe it is wheelchair accessable, it is crushed stone, not paved.  If that isn't accessable, I'll change to 1.5.

The cemetety closes at sunset.  No night caching here.

To verify you were here, please take a picture of yourself or your GPS with the statue.  Then behind the statue, there is a memorial with names and locations.  Under Holland, list the last name of the first person listed (William H. ......)



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1 23 August 2015 Mr.Yuck Found it

Only find of the day on a trip from Buffalo to D.C. after two DNF's. I only do alternative site caches now, so the pickings were slim. Plus the non-Geocaching wife was with me. I do have a bad pic I can upload after I get home. Also found your sight on Sighter, only my 7th in that game. Very cool, thanks for the cache.
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Hey, I told you it was a bad pic
Hey, I told you it was a bad pic

1 10 March 2012 JuniorNimrod Found it

My 10th OpenCachingUS cache.  I visited with my dad, DudleyGrunt.  I liked the area and rang the bell.  He looked at me, but I showed him that it says to ring it.


1 10 March 2012 DudleyGrunt Found it

3154 / 74.  2TF (as it turns out).  That's the problem with virtuals.  You never know for sure if you're the First to Find, when you're on site.

Headed up to the north side of Baltimore to find 3 new nighthawk700 caches (2 OCUS + 1 TC), with my son, JuniorNimrod.  This was a great set of memorials.  JN even rang the Freedom bell.

Thanks and Happy Trails!

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DudleyGrunt With Lady Liberty
DudleyGrunt With Lady Liberty

1 10 March 2012 sfcchaz Found it

Well, I was also here today, but don't know what time DG was. How about Co-FTF? Smile I was here at 12:06 PM. The only reason my log appears before DG's is that I put down the local time when I log a cache on OCUS. Usually by the time I log, it's showing the next day anyway. This was a very nice memorial and I would have never found it without this one being published. TFTC
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sfcchaz at Baltimore County's Statue of Liberty.
sfcchaz at Baltimore County's Statue of Liberty.