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History Knutz: Ships Passing In The Night - OU03BB

 Even history-makers can miss history.

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N 38° 17.326' W 77° 38.243' (WGS84)

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 Location: United States > Virginia
 Cache Type: Virtual
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 Date Hidden: 29 April 2012
 Date Created: 19 February 2012
 Last Modified: 30 April 2012
 Waypoint: OU03BB


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Few, if any, of the thousands of Confederate soldiers who streamed by at the start of the famous Jackson Flank March during the Battle of Chancellorsville knew the significance of the site tucked off the roadside here.

Come discover it for yourself!

The password to log your discovery is the number of Confederate soldiers who marched past on May 2, 1863, as it appears on the sign at the posted coordinates.


While in the area, the Cachew Knutz hope that you will also search for our nearby Nautical Knutz geocache.

US National Parks

 This geocache is probably within a Nature Protection Area US National Parks:
Fredericksburg & Spot.. NMP


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1 07 June 2016 Indy-bikes Found it

C and I came by after her first day at band camp. Read the signs and collected the information.

1 03 November 2012 sfcchaz Found it

#19 of 29 finds today. Spent the day with DudleyGrunt caching in the area. Found hides on 6 different listing services today: GC, TC, OCUS, NC, LbNA and GPSgames.

Thanks for showing us this location, learned something today. TFTC

1 12 August 2012 DudleyGrunt Found it

3523.  Headed down to Fredericksburg area to try to clean up the 3 unfound OC caches.  I should have visited them in the reverse order, apparently, but I got this one without a problem.

Thanks and Happy Trails!

Pictures Connected with this Log Entry:
Dudley @ The Sign
Dudley @ The Sign

1 08 July 2012 moorephun Found it

Found while in the area looking for another nearby cache.  I now know why the name Maury is a part of Fredericksburg.  Thanks for putting these caches together.  (Now I have to find that one near RHS!)

3 11 May 2012 Cachew Knutz Comment

Congratulations to fredericksburger for being the First-To-Find this virtual cache!