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LWT: Laurel All-Stars - OU03C9

 City of Laurel Walking Tour - Site 10 - Laurel All-Stars: Negro Sandlot Baseball

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This is the fourth of a series of various types of caches, centered around the the City of Laurel Walking Tour (CLWT).  The walking tour highlights various historic sites in the city and was launched in 2006 as a cooperative effort between the City of Laurel and the Laurel Museum

 Laurel Historical Society

Site 10 - Laurel All-Stars: Negro Sandlot Baseball (1928-1960)

In the era of reacial segregation, African-American men organized independent baseball teams.  Residents of Laurel's "Grove" community formed a ball club, the Laurel All-Stars, playing other African-American teams in the area.  Their home field was between 7th and 8th Streets and Talbot and Gorman Avenue.

Other area teams, included the Brentwood Flashes, Brandywine A.C.s, Glenarden Braves and the Oxon Hill Aztecs.


Rough Diamonds: The Mid-Atlantic Negro Leagues and Sandlot Heroes

Negro leagues and sandlot heroes brought racial divide to centerfield

NOTE:  There is currently some construction going on near the cache and you won't be able to approach from what will probably eventually be another option.  You won't be able to touch it, but should be able to see what you need.

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3 29 June 2013 DudleyGrunt Comment

Checked on cache and it seems to be missing.  I will plan to replace, again.

3 28 June 2013 DudleyGrunt Comment

Doing maintenance, but didn't see it.

1 15 August 2012 cycleangela Found it

I needed a quick fix this afternoon, and the nearby BIT caches fit the bill for some after work finds. I believe I've finished all the LWT caches, I look forward to seeing some more. Thanks for the cache!