Task Difficulty: 1.5 Out of 5.0
Terrain Difficulty: 1.5 Out of 5.0
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Five Finger Discount - OU03E6

 What can I say, I swiped it!

Hidden by  Cayuga Crew

N 42° 51.007' W 78° 28.130' (WGS84)

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 Location: United States > New York
 Cache Type: Traditional
 Size: Small
 Status: Archived
 Time: 0:08 h   Distance to Travel: 0.00 mi
 Date Hidden: 01 August 2009
 Date Created: 05 March 2012
 Last Modified: 17 September 2012
 Waypoint: OU03E6


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Once in a while we cache by utilizing the latest in blind chicken technology.  A few days ago while errantly projecting coords to locate a GC cache I found myself wandering here in Pine Tree Park.  It's a  long convoluted story as most of my stories tend to be but for the sake of keyboard conservation let me just say that while poking about randomly looking for the fifth leg of a four legged cache I stumbled upon this geocache with an empty log.   A little bit of research later and I learned that it was probably placed 2 - 3 years ago and for reasons unknown to me never published.

After finding it and signing in I placed it back where I found it and began to let my mind wander until it formulated an evil plan to just commandeer the forgotten cache as my own.  After all the cache was there with a log and a bit of swag already so all I had to do was type this up and submit it for publication.  Easiest cache I ever placed and by that I mean easy for me to place and easy for you to find.

So here comes the disclaimer...  I didn't pick the spot or the container I just chose to pilfer it and make it my own.

Now a particularly hornery cacher who happens to think this is a union shop and that seniority matters has two reasons to head east and provide me lagers.



Additional Hints   Decrypt

Jbegu nobhg unys nf zhpu nf bar va gur unaq.



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9 17 September 2012 Cayuga Crew Cache archived

Cache was archived.

3 23 June 2012 Cayuga Crew Comment

I can't believe some one rated this a good.  Truthfully I was striving for a "Needs Improvement" rating here.   I must just be an overachiever.

3 19 June 2012 Mr.Yuck Comment

Interesting. If you forget to rate a cache, you can't do it on an edit of the log. So here's your rating, "cache owner".

1 17 June 2012 Rayman Found it

Hornery? I didn't see any protrusions from the person mentioned in the cache description. Now ornery, on the other hand, is certainly a possibility.

This one did indeed take us several minutes to find. Eventually I pulled it out and signed us both in. And as I sit here logging my finds for the day, I've noticed I have a nice rash on my right forearm from the hide spot. It's the nature of the beast when dealing with those things though. Nice pilfer job, thanks for listing it on here.

1 17 June 2012 Mr.Yuck Found it

Well the hornery cacher was in Lancaster before 10:00 AM on a Sunday, so that would not be condusive to lagers, unless it was a parking lot at the Ralph before a Bills game. The hornery one also drives within 1/2 mile of Pine Tree Park 2-3 times a year taking the kid to and/or from BSA camp Schellkopf down the road (I have no idea how to spell that, but that's probably pretty close). But today I was with Rayman on the way to play golf at Quiet Times Course in Attica. There were no lagers after that, because we had to wait in line 45 minutes to tee off, and then it took 4.5 hours to play the crowded Fathers Day course, which should normally take 3.5 hours max. Either all that, or I'm just too cheap to buy beers for the "cache owner". Interesting case we have here. It's .3 miles from HB's Lost cache, so it should have been fine. I dunno, I'll have to go with the theory it was a noob hide, and they lost interest in Geocaching, and just never submitted it. Certainly no reason I can think of why it would ever have been rejected. By the way, it's a moderately tough cache to find, took us at least 5 minutes of fumbling around. Thanks for the cache, "cache owner".