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Jeannie Days at the Carnival Club - OU0090

 Barbara Eden, of I Dream of Jeannie Fame, had a celebrated Jeannie Day in Cocoa Beach here.

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N 28° 21.269' W 80° 36.497' (WGS84)

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 Location: United States > Florida
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 Date Hidden: 06 September 2010
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 Last Modified: 11 December 2010
 Waypoint: OU0090


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Carnival Club located here.
This history themed cache has images of Barbara Eden's visits to the local area. Also includes images of the 
local history of other historic themed caches. Another fascinating tale of the local area. Google Keywords: 
Jeannie Days, Lee Caron, Cocoa Beach.

Barbara Eden was honored here at the Carnival Club with awards and showered with presents on June 27th, 1969. Highlights of her visit included launching a weather rocket at a Cape Canaveral, meeting and kissing astronaut Buzz Aldrin, receiving a Florida Movie and TV award. Her visit resulted in thousands of people coming out to see her. Circa 6-27-1969 She returned with the entire cast in November, 1969 for a mock wedding between Jeannie and Anthony Nelson.


Read the story at Jeannie Days



Enter to Win! An author's autographed signed copy of "Jeannie Days Remembered" will be given to a lucky winner. To enter; simply visit this Virutal cache and have your picture taken and upload into the log here.



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1 12 July 2016 BuckeyeFinnigan Found it

In Florida on vacation and just visited Ron Jon's so I made the quick grab on this one,

1 30 December 2014 QueensGrantMusic Found it

I did not read the hint the first few times I went by this cache.  I just could not find anything that looked like the pictures.  All I found was this hotel on this spot.  Finally, on the last night of my vacation, I decided to read the hint because I had given up.  And what do I read, that I was standing on the correct spot the whole time.  There is a hotel on this spot, if you want the name, I will be happy to email you.

Thank you for an opencache and the reliving my childhood watching I Dream of Jeanie.


I am attaching a picture of myself at the caching store nearby. 

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QMG with Signal
QMG with Signal

1 19 October 2014 tripman1 Found it

After picking up my rental car I planned on visiting A Cool Cache and Store - OU004A.  Since it was Sunady, that one was closed, but no worries!  This cache was close and available,  Thanks!
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1 30 August 2011 CA-40- Found it

It was dark when I was there today and so all I could get was this poor shot of the lounge sign. Thanks for the virtual and the fun - too bad Barbara wasn't here! -40-

1 15 December 2010 zstatman Found it

Since my camera is also my GPSr could only get the sign

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The Spot
The Spot