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Lake Hancock Lookout - OU063D

 A nice diversion break along the shoreline hike/bike trail.

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N 27° 59.283' W 81° 50.966' (WGS84)

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 Location: United States > Florida
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 Date Hidden: 20 May 2013
 Date Created: 21 May 2013
 Last Modified: 01 June 2013
 Waypoint: OU063D


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This spot has always provided me a wonderful overlook of Lake Hancock and a diversion from the nature trail that runs as the eastern perimeter of the Circle-B Bar Reserve. The GZ is located on a covered pavillion/dock that extends out from the western shoreline.

Lake Hancock is located in the Polk Upland area between the Winter Haven Ridge and Lakeland Ridge. As part of the upper Peace River watershed, the lake has ecological importance throughout southwest Florida according to the Southwest Florida Water Management District. Lake Hancock is shallow with an average depth of four feet and a maximum depth of 16 feet. At 4,573 acres, the lake is one of the largest lakes in Polk County, Florida.

The lake is surrounded by cypress forests with the understory primarily red maple and black willow. The open areas of the lake are relatively free from native vegetation, although hydrilla can occasionally be an issue and algae is abundant.

There is a substantial American alligator presence along the shoreline feeding on one of the largest colonial wading bird rookeries in central Florida. Although many lakes in Polk County are utilized by sports fishermen, Lake Hancock has not been used for recreational fishing in decades. The dominant fish in the lake are blue tilapia and threadfin shad, and suckermouth catfish.

Originally named lake Simmons in 1823 by Horatio Dexter in honor of his friend Dr. William H. Simmons. Renamed around 1846 by William Hancock who settled nearby. Shown with this name on first government survey made in 1854. Fort Fraser was constructed along this shoreline in 1837.

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1 29 May 2013 havocgeo Found it

Grabbed this one while walking on the path.

1 25 May 2013 Recommendation DudleyGrunt Found it

Found with my cousins myquest13, coolbuddy6, and cb6's dad.  They're locals.

We did spot one baby gator just off the dock, though another baby and the "momma" were spotted by others while we were there.  I only saw the one, though.

Thanks and Happy Trails!

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