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Terrain Difficulty: 2.5 Out of 5.0
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Aquatic Fowl Hooch - OU063F

 A screen room for a break or shade.

Hidden by  KASCAN

N 27° 59.393' W 81° 52.231' (WGS84)

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 Location: United States > Florida
 Cache Type: Virtual
 Size: No container
 Status: Ready for Search
 Date Hidden: 21 May 2013
 Date Created: 21 May 2013
 Last Modified: 01 June 2013
 Waypoint: OU063F


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Quick Cache Kid Friendly Snakes Limited Hours Listed on OCNA Only 

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Post a picture of the GZ area or from that vantage point to commemorate your visit to this cache. Share in your log what aquatic winged fowl, wildlife or nature item caught your eye while at or near the GZ... especially if unable to post a picture.

The marsh area is loaded with water birds of all sizes and colors. If you are here at dawn or sunset you'll see plenty of the amateur and pro photographers getting some awesome bird shots. So here is your chance to get in on some bird pic action photos too!

There is a more shaded trail that intersects near the "hooch" GZ and goes east toward Lake Hancock. Going that way you will start to notice a slight difference in the eco-environment and a different clientelle of water fowl and other critters. The photographers cruise this trail also!

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N jbbq senzr fperrarq va uhg.





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3 01 June 2013 KASCAN Comment

SmilePOSTED REVISED NORTH COORDINATE that originally had finders a little south of the intended "target." Embarassed

3 01 June 2013 KASCAN Comment

Thanks DudleyGrunt for visiting... I'll take a look at my coords and make corrections as required and post another entry to advise of change.

1 26 May 2013 DudleyGrunt Found it

Last find of the day, before joining my area family for dinner.

Great walk.  Spotted lots of water fowl and one alligator in the water, just off the trail.

Found the hooch / screen room at different coordinates.  Will send to CO, if they want to update.

Thanks and Happy Trails!