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Quiet and Peaceful Spit of Sand -- Sandwich, MA - OU098F

 Beautiful beach on Cape Cod Bay hidden behind the dunes.

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N 41° 45.016' W 70° 26.245' (WGS84)

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 Location: United States > Massachusetts
 Cache Type: Virtual
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 Date Hidden: 12 March 2016
 Date Created: 05 April 2016
 Last Modified: 07 April 2016
 Waypoint: OU098F


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Comments by the OC Team

Data: 04/07/2016 08:24:15, add by DudleyGrunt
Is there something at the beach that people might able to get their picture with that would indicate that they were at the right beach? Or a sign or anything they might be able to use for a Log Password?

Dave / DudleyGrunt

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This cache is part of my Sandwich, MA series of caches that make up my Girl Scout Gold Award project. This beach is east of the historic part of town and too far to walk to so you'll need to drive.

There is a daily charge for beach parking from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day from 8am to 5pm.  There is no charge after 5pm. Parking is limited. Ploughed Neck Road brings you to this beach.  At the end of Ploughed Neck Road on the right is a parking lot. To reach the GPS coordinates, turn right onto North Shore Boulevard which will bring you to a second parking lot on your left (only fits a handful of cars). Park, walk over the dunes and enjoy the soft sand, calm waters and great view.

This is a virtual cache. To log this cache, you must post a photo of yourself at the beach.


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