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Climb the Jetties, Check Out the Tidal Pools -- Sandwich MA - OU09DE

 Watch Boats Travel In and Out of the Cape Cod Canal from this Long, Sandy Beach

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N 41° 45.988' W 70° 29.001' (WGS84)

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 Location: United States > Massachusetts
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 Waypoint: OU09DE


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This cache is part of my Sandwich, MA series of caches that make up my Girl Scout Gold Award project. A virtual cache, Town Neck Beach is a nice, long sandy beach with rock jetties. Walk over the dunes to reach the beach or first, take a walk on the Sandwich Boardwalk which travels over the marsh and creek that lead to the beach. It's a beautiful spot to watch boats travel in and out of the Cape Cod Canal. Calm waters make this a great spot for swimming or kayaking. There is a daily charge of $15 for beach parking from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day from 8am to 5pm. There is no charge after 5pm.

You can learn more about Town Neck Beach by going to the website I created for my Gold Award project:

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