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John White Game Farm - OU0A7B


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N 43° 04.772' W 78° 23.673' (WGS84)

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 Lokalizacja: United States > New York
 Typ skrzynki: Tradycyjna
 Wielkość: Normalna
 Status: Gotowa do szukania
 Data ukrycia: 30 June 2010
 Data utworzenia: 22 May 2017
 Ostatnio zmodyfikowano: 22 May 2017
 Waypoint: OU0A7B


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Quick Cache Kid Friendly Available in Winter In the Woods Limited Hours Listed on OCNA Only 

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A cache located on the John White Game Farm WMA This area is hunted but only by hunters with a special permit. Please dress appropriately during the Spring and Fall seasons. Look for a blue blazed trail to hunt for the cache. It will be found several feet to the south. There is a trail sign on a very large maple tree on your right. Don't forget the forest canopy will throw you off a bit.

This cache will take you to a WMA were you will be able to take a nice hike or even do some fishing. When I first scouted the area I observed many different birds and other wildlife. In one area walk slowly and quietly and you just may be lucky to see dozens of turtles at one time. Its a great area to just enjoy the out of doors . I highly recommend you stay a wile, bring your pole (dont forget your fishing license) binoculars, camera and even a lunch. People using WMAs should exercise good stewardship principles. Keep to trails when possible and avoid creating footpaths that create erosion. Check clothing and footwear for clinging seeds and plant material to prevent the spread of invasive species. Respect other users and DO NOT DISTURB WILDLIFE . Carry trash out and help pick up any left by previous, less respectful users. Permission granted by NYSDEC Region 8 Wildlife Manger


LISTED HERE 5/22/2017


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12 22 May 2017 TermiteHunter Komentarz OC Team


1 18 May 2013 Mr.Yuck Znaleziona

Looks like someone else who has logged this cache on this site didn't like it being cross listed here, and deleted their log. Of course only I can see that as an admin for this site. Cool I, however, will log it here, since I haven't used that other Geocaching site in years. Copied and pasted as follows:


Was rather shocked after finding the Basom Plot that this cache sat about 1/2 mile away. Out here, really? Do I move the car? Of course I did. So I find the place, and the parking. There's actually a sign out at the road that says "retreiver training" is going on today. I figured I might be shot at, but I found out later it was just dog training and no shots were going to be fired. The trail is quite overgrown, even here in Spring, and I'll bet it's [b]really[/b] overgrown in the summer. I lost the trail, and actually bushwhacked the last 350 feet or so. Don't tell the WMA people. I eventually got there, and found the cache. What an excellent hiding spot for that size cache! By the way, it was pretty wet and muddy on the way there. But it was about a 60 degree morning, and the bugs weren't too bad. So I actually do find the blue trail back out, but it takes me about 700 feet from where I parked. I'm walking up the road, and I have a classic Geocaching moment. There's a 40 something lady squatting down relieving herself on the side of her Subaru on the side of the "road" in the WMA. I say "sorry, just passing through; don't worry, I'm not looking". I waited for her to, uh, finish, and walked by and told her about Geocaching, and how the guy who hid the cache had permission from the State and everything. She is the one, by the way, who told me it was just dog training, and no shots were being fired this day. Gotta love Geocaching,eh? TFTC. Favorites point, by the way, great job!