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GCGC online Awards Event - OU0ABC

 Awarding prizes for UP & UP and Illumination Relays

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N 35° 13.633' W 80° 50.584' (WGS84)

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 Location: United States > North Carolina
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 Date Hidden: 27 September 2017
 Date Created: 04 September 2017
 Last Modified: 08 September 2017
 Waypoint: OU0ABC


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Welcome to the GCGC  Awards  Event

To be held online at the GCGC Forum



Beginning at 9:00 pm EST we will begin festivities on the forum

Visit the site and find the online event which will be displayed on the main page.

We will be awarding the winner(s) a trackable wooden GCGC Geocoin for each of the two contests to participants.

The points winner of each contest will roll the dice to award  the prize for each contest.

Our winner of both contests is McCaching, who will be the Roller for the prize(s).


We welcome new members to the event. You may observe as a Guest or participate as a new member. We are a local Geocaching Club in the Charlotte NC area and surrounding counties but have some non-local members.  You are welcome to join and participate in this and future contests regardless of your location.



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8 21 September 2017 HB31 will attend the event

An online event - sounds intriguing!

8 20 September 2017 McCaching will attend the event

Count me in.  I will keep a close eye on that McCaching fellow as he completes the rolls.

8 20 September 2017 lutzie86 will attend the event

I am pretty sure I will be able to attend the celebration of my arch nemesis.  Yell

8 19 September 2017 Mr.Yuck will attend the event

Just saw this! Busy getting ready to move out of State and stuff, it's a major task! I should be there though.

8 17 September 2017 rvstauff will attend the event

I'll be there!