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1 07/14/2012 DudleyGrunt Found it

3429.  Heading through the city for the a bunch of BITs, before heading home to Maryland.  This one was quick.

Thanks and Happy Trails!

1 07/10/2012 jhauser42 Found it

Found this one during my run.  Ran by and saw the BIT cache...

1 04/28/2012 Recommendation Sabrefan7 Found it

I think this was my favorite circle today. It was giving me trouble locating it too. I had my phone plugged in to charge so I had to rely on the hand held and it was spinning. Ended up walking around the whole circle so I got the full tour along with dodging 2 homeless guys sitting on near by benches I am going to give this one of my recommendation points.

1 04/28/2012 Rayman Found it

Yes indeed, Yuck-o tricked me into turning down North Street knowing it would lead right past this BIT. So since we were here I might as well stop and grab it otherwise he'd whine the whole way home. Laughing And yes, he did beat me to the find, but only by seconds. This circle is one of my favorites in the Olmsted system so thanks for bringing me back to it.

1 04/28/2012 Cayuga Crew Found it

1 04/28/2012 Mr.Yuck Found it

He-he. Made Rayman stop here on the way home. I bought a one-way subway ticket, and knew he'd probably deliver me home, although my personal opinion is I wasn't overly intoxicated. We both had to use our crummy Opencaching network apps for this one, Windows Phone for me, Droid for him. Apparently Windows Phone is the less crummier app, as I found it first. This is a very nice, well-maintained, and historic location, although we were there at 10:00 PM at night. TFTC.