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1 06/29/2016 bigwheel Found it

I didn't know this was "the Casino".... boy it sure seems like they have fixed it up since I remember it.  I think they used it as a row boat rental service back in the 60's..... Renting a row boat was great when you were a 10 year old except when you've been rowing for 10 minutes.....too much work!!

Thanks for bringing me here... brought back great memories!!



1 10/20/2012 Rayman Found it

Finally nobody was here! Stopped by before grabbing some lunch and then a few munzees while the facility wasn't in use. Never been inside despite living only a few miles away. TFTBit.

1 08/14/2012 Mr.Yuck Found it

I never talked to him about it, but now we know why CC left a bunch of blank BIT logs. The Casino was not booked on a Tuesday night, not a soul around. So I scanned the QR code, sat at a picnic table and thumbed out a log, and boom, blank log. Surprised  Editing at home, obviously. Found no problem, and thanks as always for your prolific alternative GPS gaming efforts.