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9 05/05/2014 TermiteHunter Cache archived

Cache was archived.

Gone again. clearing for a new cache with longer expected life

10 09/08/2012 TermiteHunter Cache ready to search

Cache ready to search.
OOps my bad.
This one has been back for some time but I apparently forgot to tell the system. Assuming it is still there after the recent storms...have at it.

5 08/15/2012 FailedApparatus Cache needs maintenance

Didn't realize this cache was disabled but we located the "key element".

11 07/24/2012 TermiteHunter Temporarily unavailable

Cache will be temporarily unavailable.
Cache destroyed but they left the key element. I'll reconstruct and replace.

2 07/21/2012 DudleyGrunt Didn't find it

no luck, here, either. :-(