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1 08/23/2015 Bon Echo Found it

Visited Barrie over the weekend, this is my first time staying in Barrie since 2003. The previous visit was pretty significant, since I attended a wedding, the reception being held on a cruise ship docked nearby this location IIRC, and I proposed to my now-wife at the reception in front of all the friends and family. This trip, I got my first classic terracache and first OCNA webcam...not quite as significant.

Very busy around the waterfront today, and it should be with such beautiful weather.

Thanks Juicepig for the OCNA virtual cache. I see your name a lot here and there in the Ontario geocaching sphere but I'm pretty sure this is the first Juicepig cache find for me.

Bon Echo at the Spirit Catcher

1 03/27/2011 peasoup Found it

Can't miss this magnificent sculpture along the water's edge.  It was quite windy today and the sculpture's moving parts were adding to the attraction of it.  Great virtual cache! Thanks for this main attraction during our caching tour today.
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