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3 07/03/2013 wd1j Comment

Greetings All,

Happy 4th of July.  Ninja/BIT is now at N 42 58' 52.3" W 071 25' 26.6".  It'll be here for a little.

Happy Caching,

Team DevCool

3 03/26/2013 wd1j Comment

Greetings All,

Ninja BITCache has been on the move and is temporary at N 42 37.578' W 071 10.938'.  It will be moving from this locaction soon.  Stay tuned.


-wd1j/Team Dev-Smile

3 10/30/2012 wd1j Comment

Greetings All,


Went out to go into work this morning and found that the cache had been dislodged from its hiding place. So, after checking on it. Found the cache was in good shape. Just had to put it back to its hiding place. Other than that it survived the storm.


So, cache on.


Happy Caching,


-wd1j/Team Dev-


3 09/16/2012 wd1j Comment

My son found this one, while he was playing. 

10 09/13/2012 wd1j Cache ready to search

Cache ready to search.

11 09/13/2012 wd1j Temporarily unavailable

Cache will be temporarily unavailable. I need to update the cache description.