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1 08/11/2014 Borst68 Found it

TFTC.  All caches are in good shape.

1 03/30/2013 Szuchie Found it

Found this by accident wandering back from the boardwalks end 

3 09/28/2012 Mr.Yuck Comment

Still there, but replaced with the new hiding method, as shown to me by the sticker master GOF. Updating the hint on this one too, seeing as the Peace Bridge interfere's with my GPS big time.

1 09/17/2012 GOF Found it

Out for a morning walk on the wall. Thanks for the fun!

1 09/08/2012 Rayman Found it

So as I started out from the parking lot, some random sketchy guy introduced himself to me and started talking about fishing and whatever other mundane things he could think of. And he kept walking with me for a good 1000 feet or so. Eventually I was finally able to rid myself of my new "friend" while he went down to the water to examine what he thought was a fish. Then after not finding the first few BITs and Munzees, I decided to start from the bridge end and work my way back. Had no troubles finding this one while dodging dog-walking muggles. TFTB and the interesting start to the evening.

1 09/07/2012 Cayuga Crew Found it

trying the mobile entry log option just to see...