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4 10/28/2012 GoinPostNet Cache moved

Dropped Mr. Incognito off so he could have a nice view of the lake. Here's his new coords: N 35° 06.383 W 081° 02.469

3 10/26/2012 GoinPostNet Comment

I found Mr. Incognito hanging around UNCC before a night caching event in the area. I'll post new coords when I rehide him soon.

4 10/17/2012 TermiteHunter Cache moved

You took too long so he is now gaurding the oldest cache on OCus @


35 18.118

080 44.511

3 10/16/2012 FailedApparatus Comment

Mr. Incognito is now hanging out watching for boxing contenders at N 35° 21.116 W 080° 51.942

3 10/14/2012 FailedApparatus Comment

Stopped by to see how Mr. Incognito was holding up.  I almost DNF'd him at first. Embarassed  I picked him up but he'll reappear in North Charlotte tomorrow.

4 10/13/2012 HB31 Cache moved

This guy was tired of the same old view. Moved him to:

N 35 07.632 W 080 42.698

1 10/08/2012 Auroral Mechanism Found it

CHMF and I stopped by to pick up this cache on our way to go shopping.

Mr. Incognito has been moved to

N 35 8.253' W 80 43.876'

4 10/03/2012 TermiteHunter Cache moved

Mr Incognito had fallen off the rails and didn't like being in the spotlight.  He has hopped the rails once again at:

N35 12.639 W080 43.552

4 10/03/2012 Mrs. HB31 Cache moved

Moved to:
N 35 03.462 W 080 50.148

1 10/03/2012 Mrs. HB31 Found it

I was looking at him, and he was looking right back at me - kinda creepy. Excellent disguise, and perhaps the strongest magnet ever - certainly the first geocache I have found with a pacemaker warning! Will move him very soon.

4 10/03/2012 HB31 Cache moved

Mr. Incognito has been moved to:

N 35 03.176 W 080 48.808


1 10/02/2012 HB31 Found it

I almost didn't recognize the cache, what with the terrific disguise and all. Kudos to the previous finder for choosing a fascinating location. Will post new coordinates shortly.

4 10/02/2012 GoinPostNet Cache moved

Mr. Incognito has been moved to a new home: N 35 3.727 W 80 54.656

Actually, castle may be a better description. Wink

1 10/02/2012 GoinPostNet Found it

Found this guy, despite the crafty disguise, hanging out near a parking lot. He's pretty strong but I finally wrestled him into my car. I'll find him a new place soon...I promise!

3 09/30/2012 FailedApparatus Comment

Mr. Incognito has surfaced at N 35 8.253' W 80 43.876'

3 09/17/2012 TermiteHunter Comment

Correcting failure to rate.

Welcome Electronics411

1 09/17/2012 Electronics411 Found it

Found this and it's my first. I will rehide it.

4 09/17/2012 TermiteHunter Cache moved

N35 09.778

W080 58.255

1 09/17/2012 TermiteHunter Found it

This sucker is strong with super vision.


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