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7 03/16/2013 ithink314 attended the event

Woohoo, attended another one! I think, OK, I know, we were running somewhat more than fashionably late for this event. Who knew pontoon boats only go 12 mph, or 13 mph in our buccaneer trim?! At 20 mph we would have gone the 5 miles in time to spare, but alas, or windlass, or lassies beware, we did not even beat the lone kayak paddler here. We did maintain communications with our spy aboard another boat, and arranged supplementary rendezvous during sacking of a few nearby uninhabitable islands, giving the occupied islanders a reprieve after no doubt frightening them with our brief high speed, heh, pass dangerously close, cough, to their shores. For the record, we have it on good authority from several rarely reliable pirates that htomc42 was spied by our sister fleet of high speed attack ships, in the vicinity of this event coordinates, but was not closely approached due either to right of way regulations (as if we obey), or small ship size not providing sufficient plunder potential. As he was soon found, interrogated, and released by the fleet command ship after sharing avast treasure, he earned an Attended! As if paddling all the way, and making the command ship seem fast, or maybe slow, wasn't enough. 
Thanks to all who shared the seas and booty for this event! Twas fun meetin and greetin new friends and old.