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1 11/30/2010 The Searchers Found it

Finally had some time to do a few OCUS caches.  Taking a tour of the area today while the weather is still not bad.  This is a good out of the way spot to visit.  Thanks.

The Searchers

1 09/10/2010 CodeJunkie Found it

FTF 4:00pm.  I saw this one publish while I was at work this morning, but new I was heading north before heading back home this afternoon.  It was a beautiful day for a drive and I decided to take a little 1 mile detour off the main highway.  While in the area I took the opportunity to do a maintenance check on my Nepeuskun Cemetery cache also.  The farmer was busy chopping corn, but that didn't affect my mission.  I pulled over, made the walk to where I assumed GZ was, and nothing.  Yep that's right nothing.  That's when I looked at the GPSr and realized I had to go a little farther and BINGO.  There it is, tucked away in a perfect spot.  Opened the container to a nice clean log sheet and signed away.

It's definately fun to claim my rights to the first corner office on Wall Street.  Just please don't cut my bonuses, stock options, or anything else I'm fleecing America for.