1 07/10/2016 GoinPostNet Found it

Found at the brewery event in Waxhaw. 

3 08/31/2014 ithink314 Comment

It's a very small cache car. Cool  I'm sure you saw it... And I predict an FTF being logged very soon. 

3 08/31/2014 TermiteHunter Comment

Not sure how I missed this layer but it seems eveyone else has as well.

1 08/31/2014 DudleyGrunt Found it

Didn't get to log this one when the CO was up in my area a while back, but he made it down to Charlotte today to attend an event sfcchaz and I were hosting while in town.  Nice ride.

I suppose this will be a shared FTF among the attendees who log it.

"Brain the size of a planet and you ask me to take to Charlotte for donuts."

Thanks and Happy Trails!

1 08/31/2014 sfcchaz Found it

Great meeting you at the event. Thanks for bringing the moving caches to share. Happy Trails.

I guess we all can share a FTF for this one. Wink