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1 09/07/2015 Falamazar Found it

Visiting the covered bridge, we decided to grab the cache while we where here.

1 09/06/2015 karen1962 Found it

This is another of my favorite places close to home. I even held a geocaching event here once. 

There were people still walking on the bridge but my husband and just waited until they crossed to make our find. Another nice find. Thank you Mr.Yuck.

1 06/22/2014 Recommendation Rayman Found it

Took a drive down to Cleveland over the weekend to see my Indians lose twice. I hadn't planned on coming here but I was gently persuaded by the CO to stop by on my way home. I was hesitant, not knowing if I had enough time and if it would be worthwhile. Boy am I glad I did though! This was an extremely cool place to explore and well worth the very short drive off the highway to get to. I think I walked back and forth across it 4 times. Lots of people hanging out and watching other fish down in the river too. So when the coast was clear I made my move to get the required code. Then of course I had to drive across once. Excellent find Yuck-man! Thanks for bringing me here.