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1 06/04/2015 Castiell59 Found it

TFTC, out with my son in the rain.

1 08/02/2014 Recommendation sfcchaz Found it

I was on a caching outing with DudleyGrunt today to grab a couple of the OCUS caches down here plus whatever caught our fancy.

Claiming Co-FTF with DG for this cache "after" it was published on this site. Wink I'm also giving this cache a recommendation vote for the great theme and the very nice cache. TFTC

T: Cinnamon's big stick pathtag

L: my personal pathtag

1 08/02/2014 DudleyGrunt Found it

Found with sfcchaz. Out doing some alt-caching. Parked along the streen nearby and made the quick walk over to the cache. All was in good shape. Traded Pathtags.

Thanks & Happy Trails!
OCNA find #241 @ 10:14AM.

OCNA # 241
All Geocaches # 4907
All Geo-games # 12273

3 06/29/2014 sfcchaz Comment

Darn, I've been near (Route 4) this a couple times since it was published, but didn't realize it was down here. Next time by I will seek it. Thanks for placing it.