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1 08/18/2014 DisneyScout Found it

I was determined to find this today. Found the marker. Walked right past it the first time. Reread the description. Then walked past the bit several times. Sat in the playground. Looked up conversions from feet to meters as my app uses meters. But I finally found it.

3 08/18/2014 sfcchaz Comment

My apologies to DG as I had the coordinates for this one wrong. Don't know how I did that, but they should be much better now.

1 08/17/2014 DudleyGrunt Found it

Returned Sunday afternoon to see if I could locate the Martian tripods.  Ended up being successful, but I'm specifically not claiming an FTF on this, since I ended up having help from the CO while helping him correct some issues with the coords.

Enjoying the series. 

Thanks and Happy Trails!



3 08/16/2014 sfcchaz Comment

I went out to this one this morning to check it out after the DNF and bad storm we had on Tuesday (10 inches of rain in this area). I modified the description a little in hopes of making it easier to locate the marker. See below for the changes:

The marker is a little concealed by the foliage, so stay on the trail and it is in between a break in the large wooden, horizontal beams on the east side of the trail. If you are traveling from the north, there will be a 6 foot tall black metal fence on your right (covered with plant life, but recognizable) approximately 30 feet before GZ. If you are traveling from the south, you will pass a staircase to a nice little playground a short distance from GZ.


2 08/15/2014 DudleyGrunt Didn't find it

I could not find the red planet's marker.  Even with the help on the cache page.  I was also needing to get back home, but I walk back and forth along this part of the trails for a while.  Didn't think Mars would be so hard to locate.